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On Demand Medical Apps have been around recently yet this “Social Distancing” has given an exceptional boost. The market for Doctors On-Demand Apps, On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery App has been steadily growing. Today, having an app like All in One Medical App means delivering high-end medical services to your users.  With the healthcare and other medical services present at the frontline of the Pandemic, the All in One Medical App offers medical professionals and patients both a safe alternative to treat the health issues.

The Challenges Of Healthcare Industry

Transforming your On-Demand Healthcare business to a digital one is not easy. It is painstakingly complex. As there are several challenges to look for such as:

  • You have to deal with the user’s data security
  • Provide them pleasant user-experience
  • Maintaining the app effectiveness 
  • Complying with the medical policy changes Wait for Less Processing
  • Dealing with Various Healthcare service providers 

Why Do Healthcare Services Need All in One Medical App?

Likewise patient, medical/healthcare professionals can benefit by signing up with the All in One Medical App. 

Quick access to the patients 

Through the All in One Medical App, doctors can access their patients quickly and easily. This, in turn, gains you a wider patient base by offering quick medical consultation and other healthcare services.

Improved communication with patients

It becomes easier for healthcare practitioners to treat their patients remotely. This not only allows them to enhance their patient’s health but also improves the communication gaps. Offering medical assistance on the go is the best way to cover as many patients as possible.

Gain new patients and retain the present ones

Whatever may be the health issue or there is an urgent need for medical assistance, the On Demand Medical App will allow the doctors to get in touch immediately. 

This way you can attract new patients, as types of doctors are available with the Online Healthcare App. 

Having an On Demand Medical App like Uber also means you will have more time in treating and consulting more patients, which ultimately results in more revenue. Less manual chores

Since the app automates everything, the medical service provides saves time on administrative chores. It enhances productivity as the tasks are automated and synced well offering reporting on a real-time basis.

How Does All in One Medical App Solution Work?

The usual user journey looks like this:

  • The user will download the app and set up the profile using social media credentials or phone number, email id, etc. 
  • The app screen shows the list of the medical healthcare services to choose from nearby proximity.
  • The app filters the healthcare facilities based on the specialty for quick selection
  • The users choose from the selection depending on their healthcare needs. This includes setting up appointments with the doctors, call an ambulance, connect with the blood banks, and place an On Demand Medicine Delivery order.
  • The app allows the user to set an appointment personally or virtually, place an order for the medicines by uploading the prescription, show the test reports, etc.
  • The user can pay from the app itself using an online payment gateway 
  • The user leaves feedback and ratings that help in the betterment of the app’s overall performance. 

How Much Time and Cost Does It Take To Build All in One Medical App?

All in One Medical App is a readymade On Demand Healthcare Script Solution that is all set to launch once you have placed an order. The App is built on open-source scalable technology that has rich features and seamless functionalities to boast of.  

Once you take the demo trial of the app and get to know the working mechanism of the app. You can ask the app development team for the customization if you wish to implement or just place an order so that they can start with the white-labeling process.

No two Medical Apps are the same, the same way this is the unique On Demand Medical App concept that comprises a wide range of healthcare providers, Blood Banks, Ambulance Services, Hospitals & Clinics, and more. 

The Cost of Developing an On Demand Medical App depends on the following factors:

  • OS Platform
  • Technological stack
  • Customization of features
  • UX/UI of the app
  • Maintenance of the app
  • Location of the app development company 
  • Paid Add-ons

In Conclusion

The competition in the healthcare industry is growing. Your app too will be compared with the other Healthcare mobile apps. So, you must develop a unique, all comprising healthcare services app so that your users don’t have to install 10 different apps to get a simple appointment from the doctor. 

While developing the app, keep in mind that your app should be offering a value proposition to your users and healthcare service provider to attract wider customers, fulfilling their medical needs on time. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.