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In ancient days, it was quite common for doctors to make house calls. That trend slowly became extinct but it looks all set to revive again, thanks to the Uber for doctors. Now with smart mobile technology, we can avail the services of a doctor of our choice right from the comfort of our homes whenever we want one, be it for our self or others.

However, urban can even get quick service from hospitals and doctors but in rural areas, the healthcare system is way much backward. Due to the lack of improper medication and treatment, people in rural areas lose many lives. There is no medical transportation system, lack of doctors, less area in hospitals to admit patients. A change is required in backward places especially and Uber for doctor promises the same.

Doctors who work in cities can register themselves and at the time of emergency, they can reach the location if booked from the nearest village. Patients can get actual treatment which they require, can get properly prescribed medicines. Patients can even ask their doctors to talk to the medical institutes to provide some extra space to keep the patients healthy and clean. Also to get a better staff to take care of them.

It is almost impossible to get medical help when we need one without having to wait for it. You either have to run to the nearest Casualty Department or book an appointment with your local doctor before you can be seen. However, all this is changing. Today everyone has a Smartphone. This fact in itself has created a great business opportunity for mobile applications developers and for existing entrepreneurs and new start-ups.

Solution to Worry of Patients Today

The on demand doctor app has made it possible for doctors to be at the patients’ doorsteps day, night, weekday or weekend. The healthcare industry is one of the biggest in the world and if you are thinking of developing your own on demand doctor’s app than this blog will guide you on this ins and outs of amazing app.

How it all comes together

Patients looking for a doctor will simply download the app and register on it. Once registered, they can easily log in as and when they require a doctor. Once logged in, they can choose the ailment they are suffering from, maybe even give symptoms and all the doctors. Who are available and have the knowledge to deal with that issue will appear on the patient’s app screen. The patient can have a look at each doctor’s credentials, rating, reviews, and experience in the field etc. And then choose the one who they feel is the best suit to treat them.

The chosen doctor will turn up at the patient’s home, examine the patient and decide the course of treatment. Once the visit is over, the doctor will intimate the same on the app and the payment amount will automatically be deducted from the patient’s pre-registered payment card. The doctor and the patient can rate and review each other.

Uber for Doctors Features

  • Doctors based on their skills

Doctors available in Uber for doctors are categorized on basis of specialties. Patients can choose doctor well specialized in treating the disease that the patients are suffering from.

  • Request is based on gender

While a user places a request for a doctor, they can specify their gender as well as the gender of the doctor they feel comfortable for the treatment.

  • Advance search filter

Based on price and rating, a user can filter the available doctors for their own treatment or for their friends and family.

  • In-app Communication

If the patient or the user books a doctor, both can communicate in the through the message system within the uber for doctor app. All the conversation will remain private between them. Both can contact each other through mail, text or even a call.

  • Review Management

The patients or users can take a look at the reviews of all the doctors before placing a request. The doctors are also authorized to keep a track on their reviews and rating given to them by the users.

  • Identification of Doctors

Before booking any doctors from uber for doctor app, a user can check a complete profile of the doctors. The user can even check how much experienced the doctor is having and in which branch he/she is specialized. How much is the visiting charge as well as the radius of a visit.

The concept of Uber for Doctors

If you are wondering what’s in it for you, then let me put your worry to rest. For every patient treated through your app, you get a set percentage of commission. The word “commission” may look very measly when you actually read it here but think about how much it would end up to each day?

Consider how many people require the services of a doctor every day. The numbers are staggering and if you provide a service that brings doctors to patients’ homes, then think how many people will use your service. Think how much commission you stand to make on a daily basis, that too for doing nothing. It sure sounds lucrative now, doesn’t it?

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What are you waiting for? Check out a few developers and get an Uber for doctors app developed for your business. You can speak to your developer about how you want your app to operate so that he can design it accordingly.  Choose your developer and get cracking today so that you can start earning next week!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.