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Gone are the days of a phone simply being a phone. It wasn’t long ago we were tethered to the wall via long twisted cords attached to a simple handset  that we somehow managed to avoid becoming entangled in.  

These days everyone has their head tilted downward, looking into the genie’s lamp of the smartphone, their earphones plugged securely in place and the small screens we hold in our hands open up our world in ways we only imagined some thirty years ago. 

The true magic of our handheld genies though, is in the software running it as much as the hardware we hold. And over the past few years Artificial Intelligence, or AI technology has been incrementally infused into the upgrading of Smartphone software. 

How AI works in Smartphone’s

Artificial Intelligence is simply that. A machine built with intelligence that learns and adapts on a continual basis. It is a machine that learns not only from itself but from who or what it interacts with. It learns to think independently based on the data it receives moment by moment.

Each time someone uses their phone to visit a website, the machine takes note and observes details like, what type of site is it? What is provided there? How frequently is it visited by the person who owns the phone?  The machine will look for patterns of usage to implement time saving processes that we humans may not even notice happening. 

This is how AI works in smartphones. This is the AI smartphone. The software is integrated into the phone’s functions so deeply we don’t even realize it’s there most of the time but it is intended to streamline our experiences with our phones. Artificial Intelligence brings us all one step closer to a seamless interactivity with technology to utilize it in order to make our lives simpler and easier. 

Here are 5 ways AI has improved your smartphone.

1 – AI improves your phone’s picture quality automatically. AI has learned and understands cameras and camera technology and so it helps in choosing the appropriate exposure or color adjustment and learns to recognize the environment or setting to assist us in achieving better pictures. It also utilizes facial recognition to identify people in the images you are taking.  This brings us to the next improvement AI has brought to smartphones.

2 – AI uses facial recognition in our phones every day. How? Does your phone have an option to unlock when it “sees your face”? it simply knows who you are which also informs your phone’s functions to your specific usage so as to infuse that streamlining mentioned previously. This security feature ties in well to the uses of the phone’s camera mentioned already. But you can also ask your phone to do things for you.

3 – Your handheld AI is capable of receiving and reacting to voice commands. How often do you ask your phone things rather than type out the question or command? You can check the weather, ask for news, listen to podcasts and make a phone call. Those Voice Assistants are more than just a pretty voice. 

4 – The magic of Augmented Reality. Shopping, interacting and collecting information are just some of the uses of augmented reality.  Through the combined integration of AI and AR with smartphone technology, three dimensional representations of objects is a reality we will be seeing a lot more of in the near future.  But all that usage is going to use up a lot of power, however, AI technology has begun to resolve that issue as well.

5 – Your personal AI learns how to improve your phone’s battery life. Smartphones are becoming smarter thanks to AI. The Artificial Intelligence running through some smartphones manages the battery’s power consumption simply by turning off apps that haven’t been used for a while and so giving your phone a longer usable time before needing a recharge. 

These are just a few ways that AI has improved your smartphone. But with each new generation of smartphone we get to witness this brilliant event of watching the future of technology unfold. 

The next time you are watching one of those old films where you see one of those long and twisted telephone chords, look at the screen you are holding in your hand and revel in the fact that you are living in the future. What will tomorrow’s future bring? A Smartphone’s for free

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.