It is obvious that A.I (Artificial Intelligence) is actually upgrading our world around us. In many branches, A.I has already made its impact really well. And soon, it will change the way of our working as well as the way we enjoy our daily life.

But, the problem is an adaptation. Well, A.I is not new; it was seen in many technologies as well as in many public projects to make life better. However, people have not yet adopted the working A.I and still not aware of its working. It is really important for people to understand that Artificial Intelligence is capable of completing the daily hectic task in a very simple way. As in the future, A.I is not going to degrade, it will be improving more and more.

Artificial Intelligence

According to the studies and surveys, A.I has brought many benefits to the business fields. Due to that, many big as well as small brands have generated a good amount of revenue in comparison with the last couple of years. Not only business but A.I is upgrading the workflow in sectors like agriculture, e-commerce, banking and many more. Even the Vice President of Gartner, Mr. Whit Andrew has given an advice of A.I in the business or say professional sector.

Let’s take a look at Artificial Intelligence:

Customer Satisfaction

In any business, you do not need to aim for a higher rate of interest for making additional or extra revenue. Instead of aiming for instant profit, go for the less quantifiable profits through which a business can expand in a major form. Well, entry of A.I in the business sector have and can do the much better job of generating revenue in a lot more better way.

This advice may be an old one for any product based company but still, it is very effective. Companies pay a lot for providing a customer support service but still lacking behind in of availability. Actually, the customers are many but the customer support providers are very less. So, instead of using manpower, companies can use chat bots. According to Andrew, Chat bot is highly capable A.I tool that can resolve many queries of the customer. This can be the key benefit for generating a good amount of revenue.

No Replacement, Only Work Augmentation

It is been said that Artificial Intelligence will be the end of employment. Many people fear to lose their jobs due to the rise of A.I. Well, it is not at all true, Artificial intelligence is not meant to ruin employment, and it is just meant to craft the human-made masterpieces. It is pitched to provide a better business solution to improve human endeavors. Andrew claims that “Artificial Intelligence is much better than automation”.

Better Tracking & Revealing Decision

Well, this is one of the greatest criticisms of A.I made so far. The secret of decision making is still a secret. People are still making questions that how A.I takes a decision in tracking and revealing? Even the developers and data scientist are not aware that how A.I makes his decision? The most interesting thing is, among 100 tests 97 went correctly. Andrew says “it doesn’t matter how it works and what is its secret, just try it on your own and experience the results”.

Artificial Intelligence has already made its place in many technologies. Nowadays, technologies like Cortana, Alexa and even the drones in militaries are working through Artificial intelligence. It holds the future of technology and technology is changing the trend of every business out there. There is more to achieve an A.I is speeding up in machine learning, big data and speech recognition.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.