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Are you still looking for a comfort zone to conduct your digital marketing campaign?

It’s time to revert and challenge yourself by diversifying your digital marketing strategies.

Falling for platforms that bring easy results in no time is not always fruitful. Sometimes such approaches lead to low-performance, poor results, and ultimate decline.

Are you aiming to beat your competitors and achieve your goal? In that case, you need a robust digital marketing strategy that can bring multiple business opportunities along with optimum marketing performance.

This is when you need the guidance of a reputed digital marketing agency in Delhi, Kolkata, or in other areas. Share your requirements with the experts and they will map out a strong yet competitive digital marketing strategy for your business.

Are you interested to learn how you can diversify your digital marketing strategy? Keep reading until you have a great take away.

4 Effective ways to diversify your digital marketing strategy for better results

  1. Proximity marketing: Have you heard of proximity marketing and beacons? They are available since 2013, probably you have overlooked them. The introduction of proximity marketing and beacons have changed the definition of digital marketing, making it more effective than usual.

    With the use of proximity beacons, you can reach out to the nearby potential customers and encourage them to hire your services or buy a certain product in the immediate future. However, this is only possible when potential customers near you are using mobile devices that have GPS and Bluetooth.

    The beacon technology is used to send and receive marketing messages to the customers located nearby. It determines the current location by tracking through Bluetooth and GPS and ultimately reach them to meet their marketing needs. Many restaurants, spas, etc. use this technique to generate customers.

    Such a marketing approach helps a lot in building the business sales.

  2. Use of chatbots: Chatbots is again a new trending technique that marketers often overlook. It helps to interact with the consumers, build a strong customer-business relationship, and create a good fan base with business credibility.

    Unlike the integration of social media channels, chatbots integration can even be held responsible for filling the gaps between the business and customers. It ensures the customers about the brand being active for 24hours. By sharing the relevant and appropriate information to the clients online, the chatbots create business credibility and generate a good user-experience.

    Implementing chatbots is definitely less expensive than appointing an employee to have a conversation with clients. Chatbots are the virtual representation of the customer support that remains online whenever a viewer needs it. Using this, will definitely build customer engagement and generate valuable customer insights.   

  3. Voice search optimization: With the introduction of voice search in Android mobile devices and the invention of different voice devices like Amazon Echo, Alexa, etc., voice search optimization has taken a leap.

    As per the latest statistics, 50% of mobile users make use of voice searches to find their queries online. The figure is expected to grow higher in the near future. With this marketing technique, you can entertain your business with multiple benefits.

    Voice search optimization increases the website traffic by pulling more visitors from voice searches, enhances brand visibility, improves brand awareness, generates a high scope for building conversions and sales, and much more.

     Won’t you love to take such leverage? Don’t fail to attain voice search optimization.  

  4. Featured snippets: Featured snippets are the most crucial thing that can ever happen to your marketing. You must have come across a search result most relevant to your query at the very top of your search engine result page. These are defined as featured snippets.

    Featured snippets deliver the most relevant answer to the question asked by the user and are basically extracted from a full-length article. If you click the link, you will find the lines that are featured on SERPs are bolded and highlighted inside the content.
     Featured snippets should be created precisely and accurately. It should include keywords and to the point answer to a probable question. Including these snippets into your content, you can drive high traffic, generate more clicks, build conversions, decrease the bounce rates, increase site authority, and ultimately keyword and website rankings.

    Use this innovative way to diversify your content from other search engine results.  

Take Away

Every day there is something new added to the digital marketing game. You just need to embrace the new technique and new approaches to enrich your marketing efforts and increase your competitive level.

There is no harm in sticking to the old traditional digital marketing strategies. But you must also understand the effectiveness of using the new trending techniques for your strategic plans.

Look for the best digital marketing services in Kolkata or Delhi or any other area near you and check out their trending digital marketing techniques.

Diversify your digital marketing strategy and enjoy the competitive platform. It’s all yours!

By Anurag Rathod

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