Organic Traffic

Bringing people to your site to generate views is hard, but it’s just the opening of the struggle. Views must convert into business– 16% of organic leads must be turning into actual customers. Brand awareness is no doubt critical, but it helps when you can convert it into a business.

Everything, including keyword research, earning links, or site optimization, go down the drain if they don’t win your revenue.

To improve your lead generation, you have to ensure that they land on the required pages, get the content they look for and can effortlessly purchase, subscribe, or ask for a quote. You already own the tools necessary to change organic traffic to qualified leads. Here, we will talk about using them properly for your benefit, just like every best SEO company in India.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook’s improved technology has made targeting leads a cakewalk. This channel utilizes the vast amount of data to find out and indicate the buying tendencies of the users. Facebook knows your intentions, hobbies, as well as personal data. It can give you an indication of the preferences of the leads you want to target.

You can easily benefit from Facebook Insights with the help of ad campaigns. However, it would help if you were careful while using Facebook Ads. Most of the marketers don’t succeed because of incorrect usage.

Facebook Ads are different from AdWords. It targets only those who look for your company or product. Facebook uses “passive advertising” to make ads appear as healthy as possible not to annoy users.

Reviews and Testimonies

You might pay adequate attention to draw the audience to the product pages with the help of content and SEO. And you might even be successful with that. Still, if client reviews on the pages reveal a lack of trust from customers, all your efforts to engage the target audience will go in vain. That makes it necessary to prompt your consumers to leave positive reviews of products or services after purchase. In case you have strived hard to maintain the quality of your merchandise, you probably will be having happy buyers. The testimonies of their pleasure on your website will contribute significantly to word-of-mouth strategy, which is a proven method of converting potential customers. It eventually help your business to gain that trust and credibility among your customers.

Enhance Existing Pages

To begin with, addressing problems with intent, you must take a look at the existing pages. Few of them might even have been developed before you worked out an SEO strategy or hired an SEO services in India.

Therefore, you can gain a lot by enhancing the previous pages. Check the queries that you plan to rank for keywords that consist of words, such as “buy, “pricing,” “testimonials,” or “reviews.”

Guest Blogging

Another method of gaining qualified leads is by guest writing for blogs that are popular in their niche or business. Guest blogging works because you collaborate with people accomplished in gaining the attention of your target audience. But before diving right in, make sure to check these first:

  1. Research prominent sites or podcasts in the niche of your target leads.
  2. Research evergreen topics that will help the audience.
  3. Develop a lead magnet that connects to your email service for marketing.

You can directly get leads from lead magnets. It is one of the best techniques to get quality lead for a business that every best agency uses to be ahead of their competitors. Building a good lead magnet must be “highly relevant to the content of your guest post and the overall theme of your target blog.” It is recommended to share the link to the landing page of your lead magnet (instead of your website) in your bio as a guest writer.


According to 51% email marketers, the most useful method of personalizing lead building is through segmentation of your email list.

Automation tools such as Active Campaign or MailChimp turn this process into an easy one for creating audience segments. These are based on any data you possess, including page visits, location, captured data from forms such as title and purchase cycle.

These are the five ways for the generation of qualified leads with the help of content marketing.

It is essential to understand that there are several ways to attract and convert leads. If you do not prefer the idea of writing a blog post, you can choose to post a YouTube video that links to the lead magnet. You can even grow leads with a podcast.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.