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Shopify is one of the world’s top eCommerce platforms. Easy to use interface and multiple features make Shopify a favorite platform of many entrepreneurs. And SEO is the best tool if you have created a new Shopify store and want to grow it fast. It will help you attract more customers, boost sales, and improve your Shopify store’s ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. However, some people still think of SEO as an unfruitful practice. This post is for them. 

Below we have given some astonishing benefits of using Shopify SEO services, some helpful tips for SEO campaigns, and  – how to find the right SEO agency for your business. 

SEO Brings You Potential Customer, Not Other Bulk Traffic

It’s not only those numerous user-friendly features, due to which Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform. But also because of its SEO advantages for the online stores. SEO has helped many Shopify users to improve their search engine rankings, making their web visibility better in very little time. Perhaps, you can also receive the same results(only potential customers) on your Shopify store by investing in SEO services.

How? SEO strategy involves proper keyword research.  Well-performed keyword research helps you to know which keywords will bring conversion and which are just to attract any XYZ visitors to your site. And of course, you know better which ones will bring you profit. 

Help Tip: 

After you are aware of the proper keywords, it’s essential to focus on their proper placement. Your keywords will not work if they are not placed correctly in the content. There are a countless number of Shopify stores that are using the same technique to improve their rankings. So beat your competition by using quality keywords for your SEO.

Cost-Efficient Method 

Another important reason why a Shopify user should invest in SEO is cost-effective management. Operating an online store is an expensive investment itself, so you need an effective technique to generate leads without sacrificing your marketing efforts. If you go for a PPC advertisement, it may cost you an arm and a leg. No, we are not kidding. PPC is an advertising scheme by Google. Google shows your website in the searches for the keywords you choose, and you have to pay per click on your website. The price depends on the search volume of the keyword – the higher it is, the more expensive is the click.

On the other hand, in SEO, you don’t have to pay for any click. You just need to hire an SEO agency that works on your website. They rank it on Google search results, and you need not pay per visitor on your website. However, don’t expect SEO will bring leads as fast as PPC. PPC gives instant results, whereas SEO campaigns take time. But SEO results last longer than PPC, so SEO is worth the wait. 

Help Tip: Using the right and high traffic keywords in your products’ meta title and meta descriptions will make them more visible on google. This will directly help you to boost your sales and traffic towards your Shopify store.

Brings More Mobile Traffic

Do you know- more than 98 percent of the US population are mobile users? This means, to optimize your Shopify store, mobile SEO is necessary. Many online shoppers prefer using their mobile phones for shopping than their computers. It’s because online shopping on a smartphone is much more convenient than using a pc for the same. Optimizing your store for mobile SEO is an amazing way to offer your customers a more responsive and quality shopping experience. 

Most of you might not know the importance of mobile SEO. According to many successful eCommerce entrepreneurs, mobile SEO is the key to achieve higher search rankings. Search engines like Yahoo and Google automatically detect if your website or store is mobile-friendly or not and rank it based on the stats. This means if you want to rank your Shopify store, you have to focus on mobile SEO, too. 

Moreover, mobile SEO will improve not only your search engine rankings but also the speed and performance of your website. People don’t like to use slow websites as it reflects a wrong impression on your customers. If you want to convert a visitor into your potential customers, keep your online store optimized with SEO mobile services.

So these were some of the major benefits of using SEO services for your Shopify store. Now you might be impressed with SEO and will surely start looking for a good Shopify SEO company. But before you start your search, just know that there are thousands of companies in the market providing SEO services. How do you know which SEO agency is ideal for you in such a long list of options? Don’t worry. We have a solution for that, too. Below we have given a few expert tips that you can use to find the right SEO agency.

Tips To Choose The Right SEO Agency


Experience is something that you should never ignore when looking for the right Shopify SEO agency. The first thing that you should check in an SEO agency is their experience. The more experienced an SEO agency is, the better it is for you. Perhaps many people don’t consider the experience to be an essential factor. We have an explanation for them. 

An experienced agency has worked with numerous clients. In the future, if you have any issues, it can be resolved fast. This is because, for an experienced SEO company Shopify, that issue is familiar. They have faced plenty of such problems. And with time, they might have also found the easiest way to resolve them. This way, it will significantly less time to fix bugs and boost your store’s rank.


You should not stick to only a few Shopify SEO services providers and bargain with them. Instead, make a list of numerous such providers that you wish to work with. Compare their packages and choose the one that fits your budget. An SEO package includes various services. First, you have to know which services are necessary and which ones are not? Understanding this will help you choose the right SEO package.


Different Shopify SEO agencies have their separate and distinct policies. Some might be transparent to you, and some not. You should choose a provider that trusts you. And by trust, we mean transparency. Try asking the company to show you some testimonials of their previous clients that are satisfied with their services. If they are hesitating to share this information, they might not be trustworthy. However, some companies have policies that restrict them from sharing such information. You should respect that and not force them to share their client’s data.

Final Words

So these were a few benefits of using SEO for Shopify, along with some tips to choose the right SEO agency. We hope you find this blog useful. If you do, then share it with all your acquaintances who have started or about to start a Shopify store.

By Anurag Rathod

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