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Local SEO is not just an option for the plumbers driving their business online. It is a need that helps marketers to make their business visible to the local audience and local searches. 

Good to see that you are quite aware of the importance of local SEO and hence have reached us to learn about the trending strategies that can make your website rank #1 in Google. Is it true? Well, then you will have a great take away while reaching the end. 

Internet marketing for plumbers turns out to be effective and powerful when you add local SEO strategies to your list. This article contains all the necessary information related to your local SEO. Just not read them, embrace them to get the most optimal outcome.

Let’s have a look.

4 Rank-driven Local SEO strategies for a plumbing website

Research on keywords: Keywords are nothing but a driving agent. They drive the right traffic to the website and make the website appear to the right audience. But to achieve this goal, a list of proper keywords is mandatory. 

For a plumbing website, keywords like emergency plumbing, best plumbing services, plumbing company near me, etc. work very well. They not just describe the plumbing activities but make the content appear in the relevant searches. 

Make strong comprehensive research on the keywords that are pretty effective for the business. You can even monitor the competitor pages to learn about the competitive keywords and use the same for your site. 

Researching keywords should always be the initial step in local SEO. Make sure that you come up with both positive and negative keywords. Positive keywords like plumbing services, clogged drain repair, etc. increase brand visibility and spread brand awareness. While negative keywords like DIY plumbing videos, free plumbing services, can filter out the wrong audience and make the content more prominent to the right ones. 

Optimize your Google My Business page: Next step should be to run Google My Business page optimization. A business profile on Google My Business makes it appear in the local search results and Google Maps. For example, if you have a proper profile on your plumbing business, whenever a user searches for a query relevant to the keywords like plumbing company near me, plumbing services, etc. your business is listed on Google. Hence the need of optimizing your Google My Business page. 

The steps for optimization include – 

Claiming and verifying your business.

Including accurate and authentic details about your business – business name, phone number, address, etc.

Choose the proper category while listing your business.

Adding a short yet accurate description of your business that includes hours of operation, images, etc. 

Optimize your website: Once you are finished with optimizing your Google My Business page, your next target should be to optimize your website. Start with the home page. After all, it is the most prominent section of a website where visitors usually land. 

The home page should be optimized with relevant keywords and other SEO-friendly features. These include the title tag, header tags, meta description, along with the body content. 

The SEO-friendly home page takes less time to gain high rankings on Google. Similarly, it is required to work on the service pages, FAQs, and contact page. All these web pages should contain relevant keywords maintaining proper keyword density. Here you can seek the help of SEO experts who know how to optimize the website content and bringing the site to the top of the search engine result page.

Pay attention to building links: Now it’s time for citations and building links. Taking this step, you move further to improve your Google rankings. Citations are the business listings on other websites. Here you actually need to frame your business with its name, contact details, and address on another website so as to make it visible to the users from that particular source.

Citations are mainly performed on local directories. For a plumbing business, you need to find the directories that are relevant to your niche. But make sure, you have included the accurate NAP on every page of your website and it should match with the NAP listed on the directories.

Take Away

Local SEO is rich with a plethora of benefits. From bringing the plumbing website visible to the right audience to increasing traffic and generating fast and accurate results, you can experience so many perks when you invest in local SEO. Local SEO deals with local search results and Google Maps. Hence, if you are concerned about your local image and want to draw the attention of your local audience, just go for it.

We would suggest getting the best SEO company in Delhi that is specialized in offering rank-driven local SEO services. Make investments and the profit will be on your court.

By Anurag Rathod

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