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Tubular heaters have revolutionized how we heat our homes. Unlike conventional heating systems, they are less costly to run and have installation flexibility. In this post, we explain what tubular heaters are and how they suit your indoor heating needs. 

What are tubular heaters?

As the name suggests, tubular heaters are tube-like heaters used to provide heating in your home. Picture a fluorescent tube that provides heat instead of light, and you have an idea of what a tubular heater looks like. 

In the past, tubular heaters were mostly used in industrial settings- more so in factories and greenhouse projects. But today you cannot fail to find at least one or two homes using tubular heaters as their main heating system. The tube heaters have proven to be more effective than conventional heating systems.

Advantages of tubular heaters

Tubular heaters have solved most of the pain points homeowners face while looking for alternative heating solutions. They have the advantage of;

  • Solid build quality 
  • Uniform heating
  • Compact design
  • Versatility in function
  • Reduced heating costs 
  • Minimal accidents 

Solid build quality

Modern tubular heaters feature a titanium or steel design. They are very sturdy, and their heating elements are made of high-quality alloy. This robust design increases the performance and longevity of the tubular heater. 

Uniform heating

Compared to conventional heating systems, tubular heaters have uniform heating as they are not affected by elements like moving air. Older heating systems have the heating coils exposed, hence the dissipated heat is easily affected by circulating air, therefore, causing uneven heating. 

Compact design

Tubular heaters are small and narrow and take up less space wherever they are installed. They can be mounted on walls out of sight and still provide the needed heating in any room. A lot of homes use a tubular heater to convert an ordinary cupboard into an airing space to dry beddings, towels, or clothing. 

Versatility in function

Thanks to their compact design and efficient heating, tubular heaters can practically be used anywhere. They can be installed in homes, offices, conservatories, sheds, large scale farms, or local factories. You can mount them inside air vents to create a centralized heating system for a building. 

Reduced heating costs

Tubular heaters have a high surface area to volume ratio advantage. It means their tiny bodies can give off adequate heat to warm up a large space. It makes it possible to heat any space at a fraction of the cost you would normally do with a fan-based or halogen-based heater.

Minimizes fire hazards

Traditional heaters produce an intense uni-directional heat that can cause fires if installed close to flammable items. The cylindrical design of tubular heaters releases uniform heat in all directions and is safer around materials like wood and clothes. Also, the titanium or steel outer body protects the inner heating coils from coming into contact with flammable materials. 

How to use tubular heaters in your home

Tubular heaters are great for providing heating in those hidden areas your central heating system cannot reach. On the other hand, if you are looking for an alternative cost-efficient way to heat your home, look no further than tubular heaters. 

Ideal for wall heaters

You can use tubular heaters to keep your walls heated in winter. Alternatively, these tubular heating systems come in handy when controlling humidity in the home. Heating the walls prevents the buildup of condensation and frost which can cause mould if not taken care of. 

A Morris 4ft tubular heater would make the ideal wall heating unit. It runs on 240 watts which is enough to supply heating while keeping energy costs low. The Morris tubular heaters come with mounting brackets that hold the heater secure on any surface. Also, our Morris 4 foot tubular heater has an IP55 rating, making it ideal for use in harsh outdoor conditions as well.

Great for under desk heating

As working from home is the new norm, your home workstation must be as cosy as possible. The Morris 2ft tubular heater would be perfect for under desk heating. The 2 ft tubular heater runs on 120 watts producing enough heat to keep your feet warm. 

In addition, our under desk heaters are fitted with a tubular heater guard to prevent accidental burns. You can also use our 2 ft tubular heaters to turn an ordinary cupboard into a homemade airing space. The heater will keep your laundry fresh, and dry, and prevent them from mould.

Garden room tubular heating

Tubular heaters make gardening fun even in the cold winters. With an IP55 rating, our Morris 1 ft tubular heater would fit any corner of your garden space and provide uniform heating. Each 1ft tubular heater consumes 60 watts making them energy efficient enough to maintain optimal green heating temperature or keep your garden tools toasty through the frosty weather. 

You can mount the tubular heater on walls, the floor, or tight corners where bigger heaters won’t fit. Their compact size makes it possible to fit more than one tubular heater for supplementary heating in your garden. 

Best floor heating solution

A warm floor maintains the cosiness of your home no matter how frosty it gets. Tubular heaters are ideal for floor heating because they provide uniform heating. Moreover, the outer titanium casing is more durable compared to conventional floor heating insulation. Also, the IP55 rating ensures the heater is protected from moisture especially when water seeps through the wooden floor. The tubular heater brackets hold the heater in place for a centralized heating solution. 


It is every home owner’s dream to have a home heating solution that is efficient and cost effective. Tubular heaters tick all boxes by running on low power while supplying uniform heating. Moreover, tubular heaters are compact making them ideal for supplementary heating, especially in tight spaces. 

Tubular heaters are very durable as they feature a titanium/steel body and high-quality metal-alloy coils. Our Morris tubular heaters come in various sizes, 1ft to 4 ft, and have an IP55 rating which makes them applicable even in extreme weather conditions. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.