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In today’s world, you will rarely see a person who does not own a mobile phone. Now that smartphones with all the latest features are available at affordable rates, everyone now has access to the internet. No wonder why mobile-only marketing is trending so much these days.

If your business still has not developed a mobile-only marketing strategy yet, it is high time that you should. In case you are not very clear about why your business needs a mobile-only marketing strategy, this blog will help enlighten you.

1. Mobiles make it easier to access the internet:

We all know for a fact that it is way more convenient to access the internet on your smartphone than doing it on your laptop or desktop. The time it takes to turn on your laptop, open a browser and visit a website, one will already be done visiting 3-4 websites on his/her smartphone by then. This ease of access is one of the major reasons why a mobile-only marketing strategy is gaining prominence.

Here’s how you can leverage the accessibility feature with mobile-only marketing:

  • Your audience can instantly check out your website when you discover your brand. There is no need to wait.
  • This strategy will introduce your target audience to the convenience of navigating business websites in a simpler manner without them experiencing any kind of technical lag.
  • It will be easier for your business to impress and retain your consumers in a rewarding manner.

2. More possibilities of going viral:

You will be surprised to know the kind of content that goes viral on the internet these days. It won’t be wrong to say that anything under the sun has the potential to go viral, and mobile phones have a huge influence on it.

Since most mobile users usually stick around their smartphones all day long, there are high chances that the marketing gimmicks, relatable memes, products, and services will be viral. Once your product or service goes viral or the very idea of launching a new range of products goes viral, things start to snowball in favour of your business.

3. A global reach:

Every business in the world aims to get a larger reach when it comes to marketing. What if I tell you that you can actually reach out to the global audience with the right mobile-online marketing strategy? Well, you will be surprised to know that mobile-online marketing has the edge over traditional marketing plans when it comes to effectively reaching a global audience. Here’s how:

  • Around 70% of the world’s population uses mobile devices. This makes it evident that a significant number of people are dependent on the usage of their phones.
  • So, if you are able to successfully strategise a proper mobile-only marketing technique, it may lead your business to reach out to clients all around the globe.
  • You can even manage your market products and services better with the help of mobile-friendly apps and interactive games for the target audience.
  • Since most apps and games are accessible all over the world, it will allow you to connect with a larger segment of a global audience.

4. You can target location-specific customers:

Another reason why mobile-only marketing strategies are getting so much importance is the fact that you can target location-specific customers with such strategies. That is, undoubtedly, a game-changer for any business. Here’s how this may work in the favour of your business.

  • Most mobile phones have GPS, allowing one to know the location of the phone. One can certainly use that feature to target mobile users in a special location.
  • You also have the option to use the “Geo-fencing” feature, which triggers notifications, highlights the important notifications and other messages quite frequently.
  • This will also allow the customers to connect better, get information about the latest deals, discounts, and offerings, and stay notified about your business.
  • You can also take advantage of the hyper-local targeting feature with mobile-only marketing. This will help you set a virtual fence around the location of your business. You can also set it up around the location of your competitor as well.
  • This will also allow you to keep track of the latest developments in the industry, latest trends, innovations, and other important details to your business.

5. A cheaper alternative:

Now that the whole world is reeling from the impact of COVID-19, it has become extremely important for businesses to use their funds wisely. While marketing efforts often cost the businesses a significant amount of funds, mobile-only marketing is comparatively a lot cheaper. Here is what makes this form of marketing so cost-effective.

  • There is no need to run huge marketing campaigns.
  • It allows you to discuss a lot of things and highlight them all under the same roof in just a few clicks.
  • It is comparatively easier to create the campaign elements in this type of marketing. You have the option to add creative elements and information on a mobile screen.
  • It eliminates the cost of conveyance and similar expenses that outdoor campaigns usually have.
  • Moreover, you do not need to invest in ad banners or other forms of outdoor ad campaigns. Just design your ad, and send it across mobiles.

6. Personalised campaigns for the target audience:

For effective marketing, it is important that your message connects with the audience at a personal level. Every consumer wants their favourite brands to approach them personally, especially when addressing the consumers’ pain points. This is where mobile-only marketing shines brighter than any of its conventional counterparts. Here’s now the mobile-only marketing helps deliver personalised campaigns to the audience.

  • Users can browse through their favourite shopping site and buy their preferred products using “filtered searches.” Retail stores do not offer such options.
  • With mobile-only marketing, you can customise icons, create interactive play buttons and execute the same for the users.
  • Also, your apps and websites can help track user behaviour and offer personalised suggestions for their next purchase.


It is quite evident that mobile-only marketing not only improves your chances of reaching out to a global audience but also helps you offer a personalised approach for an individual audience member. Moreover, it is comparatively cheaper to execute. So, if you are still not working on your mobile-only marketing strategy, you may start to lag behind your competitors who have already adopted the strategy.

Author bio: Olaila Lee is a senior marketing manager at a reputed e-commerce company. She is also a part of the team of assignment experts at, where he offers myob assignment help to students on request. She also loves to learn about new technology in the market.

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