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Haven’t you heard of car logos, who would skip over the glossy and shiny logo of BMW or maybe a Mercedes, the outer boastful appeal says it all, they call it branding, one thing that turns the ‘Iris’ of people moving past the cars.

Like every car engine carries a different supply than the other, so are their logos that rest with a prideful sense of appeal, making the crowd aware of the brand that is been targeted.

The extravagant ‘Spirit Of Ecstasy’ tackled by the groovy and moving symbol of ‘Rolls Royce’, well that rather is a high-pitched scenario to many but fortunately, the cars have never been naked on their bonnet, have always adorned a special character, a symbol, or something that unfolds the manufacturer’s work.

You must bear in mind that logos aren’t the portrayal of a special character or a unique symbol but they do carry a whole untold meaning and a story, we will now be unfolding the tales of ‘Car Symbols And Logos’, get with it.


The very center of this logo might have been picked as somewhat a special airplane propeller, the blue and white blend of colors on the logo represents the free state of ‘Bavarian Colours’ but the rather use of national symbols wasn’t anywhere taken as accepted but was somehow leveraged by BMW to use it as their logo.


There is a total-quadruple story that lies for the ‘Chevrolet’ logo and the first story reveals the use of a wallpaper design which the co-founder William C Durant sighted in hotel Of Parisian. 

The second story revolves around the co-founder who used his sketching skills, while he was at his dinner table with a platter of chicken-fried and soup. 

It was also felt that there used to be a refined fuel company naming Coalettes which happened to be the inspiration behind the ‘Chevy Logo’. The last tale for ‘Chevy’s Logo’ is that it is a more stylized version of the Swiss flag.

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The logo of ‘Mercedes’ or call it a ‘Merce’s Logo’ doesn’t anywhere inflict an altercation with the other carmakers, is but an obvious approach of ‘Humble Intent’. The three outwardly pointing sharp needle-like pointers carry a special place for land, air, and sea, and weren’t like any other pointers.

This the ‘Mercedes’, it has to be special and luxurious than any other brand. 

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The very inception of the ‘Mitsubishi’ logo lies directly in the company’s name wherein ‘Mitsu’ is used for the number ‘three’ and ‘Bishi’ carries strong similarities with the ‘water chestnut’, and is a long-known Japanese ‘Rhombus’ and ‘Shape Of Diamond’.

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Porsche’s logo is the ‘People’s Logo’ and is a direct imitation of the ‘coat’ laced in the arms of the ‘Free People’ of the former ‘Weimar Germany’, of which Stuttgart was held as ‘Capital’ where ‘Porsches’ are built.


The reality underlying the ‘Starry Sirius’ appeal of the ‘Subaru Logo’ is pretty much confined and obscured but is rather interesting and innovative if one knows it intuitively.

Subaru is a ‘Japanese Word’ meaning ‘United’ and also follows close-linking with the ‘Star Cluster Of Pleiadas’ which is also stated as the ‘7 Star Sisters’, that comes as clearly visible, with a naked eye’ on a pitch-dark night.

By Anurag Rathod

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