Postage Boxes

Postage boxes are not mere casual boxes to pack the products. These packaging boxes are going through revival in the business field and are in great demand. A customer, who experiences the delivery of product through this premium quality packaging, will turn into a permanent user of the packaging. These boxes are provided sufficient strength and sturdiness by adding layers into it. These outer layers protect and save the packed item from any type of harm and breakage. These are basically cardboard boxes and play crucial role as shipping cartons. Most of the businesses also opt for these postage boxes due air columns that act as a pad to protect the packed products. These pads increase the durability of boxes for long as well as short distances. They safeguard the items against continuous jerks, shakings, and consistent smacking during shipping. 

Make your packaging unique & classy by using following tips;

1. Customization

These postage boxes can be printed in various designs and color schemes. Imagination and creativity can add uniqueness to the design and pattern of the box. The skilled human resource and advanced machinery can create the excellent boxes. For printing on these custom postage boxes, the multiple options of color facilities are available like CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key), RGB and PMS (Pantone Matching System).

2. Add diversity to customization

The customization of these boxes can be achieved through the following diverse kind of add-ons;

Box and lid

This is an easy kind of postage boxes with a base and a lid. The sides are clipped or pasted to provide protection. After putting the product inside, the pack is sealed with tape. It is appropriate for strong products packaging but it is vital to note that this material is suitable for short distance.

Die cut self-locking boxes

This is also a simple packaging and it is appropriate for secure shipping over long distances. This particular type of printed postage box is recommended for small to medium sized fragile and flimsy products. The lid is needed to be sealed with tape for extra safety and protection.

Envelope base

Such type of postage boxes are easy to assemble as they have self-locking base. The base can be made more strong and sturdier by putting a flap under the other one. These boxes are the best choice for light-weight items like clothes, soft toys, paper, etc. These boxes are smaller in size and flatter in shape as compared to die-cut postage packaging boxes.

Five-panel postage envelop

Traditional and customary Packaging Boxes cannot provide long lasting durability to products. These five-panel postage boxes are specifically designed to hold crouch, narrow objects. Moreover, the horizontal flap is open to access the products inside easily.

Full overlap packing box

In these postage boxes, flaps are added at the top and bottom to make two overlaps to provide steadfastness and strength on both sides. These boxes have resilient base and are appropriate for bigger, heavy-duty items. Moreover, the packaging cartons are the most commonly used packaging boxes available. Not too forget sealing. 

3. Produce boxes with different materials

If a company have the capacity to produce custom postage boxes from different manufacturing materials, it will give the company an advantage over its counterparts. There are several types of materials used in the production of these boxes that can be explained a follow;

Paperboard material

The packaging company should have capacity to use paperboard for production of postage boxes. Paperboard material is generally considered stiff as they keep   themselves flat during shipment. A wind range of designs and styles can be created through by making alterations and additions of multiple color patterns. They are mostly used for documents, calendars, books, etc.

Paper material

Paper material is a coated paper with finishing and composition. For this profoundly recycled paper or completely new material is used. They are comparatively inexpensive but they have shortcoming in design and color patterns because they are normally printed on flexographic. 


This is the most preferred material to produce postage boxes. Cardboard material earns enormous consideration of the customers in producing appropriate, dependable and strong potage cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes carry many benefits. They are undoubtedly cheaper and easy to print with a variety of printing designs. Moreover, they keep lower weight and can be easily handled in freight. Being highly flexible, this material is suitable even for the production of rigid type postage boxes.

4. Add printing to boxes

By means of printing on to boxes can make them more valuable and worth watching. Custom printed postage boxes are considered an ideal way for advertising your company and brand. By printing company name, logo, visuals, social and postal contact and address details on your custom postage boxes, you can show your business to a vast number of onlookers while it is being shipped. This is the way that ordinary postage boxes can be turned into a powerful marketing tool to increase your profitability.

5. High quality finishing

High quality finishing of packaging plays an impressive role in the beauty of custom boxes. Lamination is an important part of finishing. Lamination is a glossy and gleaming coating which not only makes the surface even but also protects the boxes from dust, dirt, stains, humidity and so on. It also safeguards the exterior layer and makes the surface smooth and plain. The types of finishing may   include gloss, matte, AQ, spot UV, gloss AQ and much more.

6. Go Green

It is social responsibility of a manufacturer to contribute his role towards reducing the packaging land waste and to protect environment and ecosystem from harm by means of using biodegradable material. It will further augment the value of packaging in the eyes of consumers. Also these custom postage boxes should have the custom ability to be usable after their primary uses. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.