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In the word of digitalization,  90% of consumers will go online before they decide to make a purchase. Interesting is 93% of the search done on Google, and here is where you don’t want to lose potential customers.

This in essence is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the proficiency that helps your business to boost your traffic and top ranking great on search engine results. SEO is the full package of the techniques, tactics, and strategies to reaching the maximum number of users towards your website.

If you are the business owner and want to hire an SEO expert for your business, a questionary list comes in your mind, How to select Best and Affordable SEO Packages in India, What Should An SEO Package Contain? 

The answer will be cover in simple 5 Steps that every SEO package contains and helps you to choose wisely according to your budget. 

Research & Analysis Phase

Research and Development is always the first approach of any process, and here it is also performing the essential role. 

SEO analysis is the process of examining the customer’s website to acknowledge the possibility of improvements and how the website can be optimized proficiently. 

Technical SEO Implementation

The Technical phase is where the experts ensure that the website meets all the technical requirements according to the updated algorithms and modern search engine. This phase includes the Indexing of the website, crawling, and structure of your website. It will contain all the activities which are performed under the on-page SEO.  

Link Building & Content Marketing

Linkbuilding is still the main focus of SEO. The experts always make sure to create quality backlinks instead of quantity backlinks. I will suggest drawing attention to this phase while selecting the SEO package. Must go with the high-quality activities that is Article Writing, press release, and Guest Blogging, which helps you to maintain organic traffic to your website.
Whenever we read the word content, the phrase hits the brains “content is king” and it is fact, always focus on the fresh content for the marketing, plagiarize content has the ability to paralyze your website. 

Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in spreading brand awareness and gaining traffic through social media account. In this phase, experts create all the social media accounts and optimized according to the protocols of different platforms. Social media is a high rate technique while engaging clients or users. 


All the processes will be beneficial when you are satisfied with the results. Field experts should be able to keep up with those changes and still deliver consistent results. The report shows all the efforts of the company that puts into your project, it includes Keyword ranking, Social media followers, and engagement of post, all the technical solved problems, and an overview of your website. 

Wrapping Up

In reality, digital marketing companies that are trained in SEO pay for themselves over time because they guarantee returns on their work. Not only is Google’s rating the new benchmark for improving the bottom line of your company, but it’s also potentially limitless to expand your business.

Anubhuti Mittal Author bio

Anubhuti Mittal is a Digital Marketing Executive. Expert in Content writing and know basic parts of web development too. If you have any confusion, or question, or need any consultation regarding the digital marketing process, feel free to contact her.



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