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Tips to establish a successful digital marketing media agency and client relationship

Tips to establish a successful digital marketing media agency and client relationship

Digital marketing is an exponentially evolving industry that can make the relationship between a digital marketing media agency and client somewhat complex. It is, however, very important for a digital marketing media agency to build strong relationships with its clients. You may be the best digital marketing media agency in terms of results but if you are unable to build strong relationships with your clients, then the success you deserve will always elude you. This is because the main source of new business for over 50% of digital marketing agencies is through client referrals. Hence, this piece has been put together to enlist the 5 different principles to help you establish strong relationships with your clients. Let’s get started!

1. Under-promise and over-deliver: The first step towards building a strong client-agency relationship is to under-promise and then try to over-deliver. In reality, a lot of companies do the exact opposite just to secure business. Always be realistic about what you can or cannot achieve. Don’t sell tall hopes to your clients because if you give underwhelming results, you run the high risk of losing their business. On the contrary, when your under-promise and over-deliver, your clients will be delighted. If and when it is possible, always deliver a little more than what the client was expecting and it will help you in building a strong relationship in the long-term.

2. Communicate Effectively: Communication is at the core of all business relationships and the same extends to the relationship between a digital marketing media agency and its client. Always try your best to keep your clients in the know, of what’s going on with their campaigns. If and when you do, your clients will feel a part of the process and it also allows them avenues to ask questions and request changes. You should make it clear at the very outset of the agreement of the level of contact they can expect and also of the ways they can contact you. If and when you schedule meetings with your clients, have a set agenda of what you want to discuss. Regardless of how good or not things are going, always try your best to be as transparent with your clients, as is possible. 

3. Set Clear Goals: Even if your clients don’t set measurable goals for each project that they choose to work with you on, you definitely should. As a transparent digital marketing media agency, you should set clear goals for success and present the result of campaigns in the form of measurable figures. This will show to the clients that you are keen on delivering value and they will appreciate your honesty and transparency. As an SEO digital marketing agencyyou should proactively use metrics to measure the results of your SEO campaigns.

4. Appreciate all of your clients: As a digital marketing media agency, you may be having too much time on your plate at times, but that shouldn’t take away your focus from showing appreciation to all of your clients. This includes existing clients, new clients, demanding clients and non-demanding clients. If you set clear instructions right from the start, you will make sure that clients don’t end up feeling ignored or underwhelmed. Further, you should try your best to stay in regular contact with your clients and make use of every opportunity to show your appreciation for them. 

5. Work like partners: You should make attempts to ensure that your clients feel that you are working with them as partners and not for them as service providers. Listen to your clients, deliver them the digital marketing for IT services that they need and work with them as partners to achieve a common clearly defined goal. Keep them informed of relevant updates so that they are involved in the processes, as it will identify avenues in which each of your teams can work together. 

The Bottom Line

Improving and maintaining relationships is not always on the shoulders of agencies. It is a two-way street and clients also need to take the initiative at times. What you can do as an SEO services agency is to facilitate effective communication, set realistic goals at the very outset and keep your clients updated of relevant happenings, at all times. If and when, you work and brainstorm with your clients like partners, it will result in a win-win situation for both parties concerned. 

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