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You now have an On-Demand Application to your name. Great! You’ve created an incredible, highly scalable app with all of the bells and whistles to amaze your consumers. Super!

However, there is one issue: YOUR APP DOESN’T PICK UP THE BUSINESS!

Growing your on-demand multi-services business is the most difficult practice, but it demands smart techniques that enhance your Gojek Clone App Rankings rather than “Bells and Whistles.”

The rating is the first point of contact your users with your app. They can see how well you’re rated, and it’s at that point that they decide whether or not to download and utilize the app.

The blog will highlight about how to improve your App performance rating so that it immediately catches user’s attention and provides you optimum visibility

Give Your Users “New Features” To Use

We purchase a vehicle after examining its features. We buy a smartphone because of its functions, and your consumers will be impressed if they find the features of your app beneficial.

What good does it do to implement the same old, boring features? Many Gojek Clone App Owners also make the error of replicating the features of their competitors.

In terms of features, it offers a wide range. You must demonstrate to your users how your Gojek Clone differs from others. Offering your Apple consumers a Taxi Booking iWatch App eliminates the need for them to take their phone out to book a taxi. Similarly, incorporating novel features such as:

  • Fraud involving restricted drivers
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers
  • Online video consultation
  • Service Bid
  • Taxi Booking using iWatch App
  • Free delivery promo codes
  • Ride cancellation
  • Item name search
  • Graphical status of rides and orders in-app notifications
  • Support for calls and chats within the app
  • Video calling

Why Developing All Inclusive App Make Sense?

There are significant reasons that include:

It provides multiple stream of revenues

The app will be able to provide a variety of services and products through a single mobile app. As a result, it will generate several revenue sources. If one source is unable to generate sufficient revenue, another will compensate.

82+ Services in one app

A single location for all purposes will also attract a large user base. To preserve phone storage and mobile data, people will favour a single app installation over several app installations. Although Android and iOS app development are two distinct methodologies, the user attitude is largely the same, thus Go-Jek clone users on all platforms will be as enthusiastic.

Beneficial for the vendors/suppliers/merchants

Currently, a merchant who registers for an On Demand Product Delivery or On Demand Service Delivery portal can only travel in one direction. It will be a platform with numerous directions if you create an All in One Inclusive Clone App.

 As a result, merchants who sign up for your platform will have a lot of options for diversifying their businesses. It will gradually attract more merchants, resulting in higher revenue for everyone.

Manages all of your business’s activities with ease.

It will be straightforward and quick to manage business activities in real-time using the admin panel while on the go. Most importantly, no documentation is required because this Super App will save all of the necessary information.

Gojek Clone Script Is The Ideal App For Your On-Demand Business

With a white-label Gojek Clone App, you can quickly launch an on-demand multi-services app. Because the Play Store and App Store are flooded with on-demand apps, having your app stand out is critical. You may do this by incorporating fresh and inventive features that are beneficial to app users. Here are a few of the Covid-19’s safety measures.

  • Passengers are limited.
  • Ratings and reviews on safety
  • Check the temperature
  • Verification of the face mask
  • Cancellation of the ride

On addition, concentrate on extending your offerings and categorizing them appropriately in the app. Food delivery, grocery delivery, prescription delivery, home cleaning services, dog walking services, babysitting, beauty services, and laundry services are among the most popular on-demand services.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.