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Yoga is among the most effective remedies for health. By performing daily yoga, one can benefit a lot. However, as there are different types of yoga, it is difficult to choose the best. Remember, simply visiting a yoga class doesn’t mean you will learn a yoga style that is suitable for you. It is essential that you understand different styles before you start your online yoga training certification. Check out the guide to get the details.

1.      Vinyasa yoga

It is the most popular form of yoga taught in gyms and studios. Vinyasa, in simple words, means linking movement with breathing. The postures here are done in a flowing sequence. The style of yoga is popular because of the sensual movements, the music. It is usually practiced in a dark room.

2.      Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga, in simple words, means encompassing a yogic lifestyle. It is considered as traditional Indian yoga. Here synchronization of breath with the movements is essential while moving in the series of postures.

3.      Iyengar yoga

It is a famous yoga style named after B.KS. Iyengar yogi from India. The yoga focuses on the alignment of fasteners using breath control through the use of props and pranayama.

4.      Bikram yoga

In this form of yoga, the class consists of 26 yoga postures along with two breathing exercises. The session takes about 19 minutes and is performed in a room with 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

5.      Jivamukti yoga

Yoga was brought to New York City in 1984. In this yoga session, the class incorporates pranayama, Sanskrit chanting, and movement, along with a theme for each class. It incorporates both physical and spiritual exercise.

6.      Power yoga

It is an active yoga form. Herein yoga poses are performed quickly and with added upper bodywork and core exercises.

7.      Sivananda yoga

Yoga is based on the five yogi principles, including diet, proper breathing, positive thinking, exercise, and relaxation. All of this works together to deliver a healthy lifestyle. Herein the yoga is practiced in 12 basic postures with savasana and sun salutation.

8.      Yin yoga

The meditative practice allows your body to get comfortable in a posture without doing any work. The yoga style is meant to complement the muscle-forming yoga practice. It is usually performed with props, and there is no music in the class. You can look for yin yoga teacher training certification and join the classes to get proper assistance about this form.

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