How to Increase Vitamin D Levels Naturally?

Bones help us to do all the actions like walk, run, and even stand. Healthy bone is essential for healthy living. Keeping bone-healthy is not an easy task. To improve bone health, we need to consume enough vitamin D. Because vitamin D helps calcium absorption to bones and teeth. Our body produces vitamin D in the presents of sunlight. Click here to know more about the best vitamin d supplement in India in this article. Due to many reasons, the production of vitamin D will be less than the actual requirement. To avoid this, we need the best calcium and vitamin d supplement in India. There are many natural ways of obtaining vitamin D like sunlight, seafood, eating mushrooms etc. 

Sunlight carries UV-B rays. UV-B rays can convert a specific type of cholesterol in your body to vitamin D. Due to this vitamin-D, often referred to as sunshine vitamin. Sunlight carries many other harmful rays too. So morning or evening time is the best for sunbath. Also, use suncream for reducing the effect of exposure to sunlight. If you are in a geographical location where sunlight is not available most of the time, try to eat fatty fish and seafood. These are natural sources of high-level vitamin D. The amount of vitamin D varies with the type of fish. Tuna, shrimp, sardine, oysters, etc., contains a high level of vitamin D. They are also rich in heart health-improving omega-3 fatty acids. 

Vitamin D is present in mushroom also. It also produces vitamin D2 in the presence of sunlight. Naturally occurring mushrooms will have more vitamin D due to exposure to more sunlight. But commercially grown mushrooms that undergo treating with UV light is also rich in vitamin D. If you are planning to eat wild mushrooms, be careful with the selection because some wild mushrooms are poisonous and can cause death. Egg yolk is another source of high-level vitamin D source. But the vitamin content can vary according to the feed. More vitamin D enriched provisions will result in more vitamin D content in egg. After all these natural ways of vitamin D, we have artificial ways like UV lamp and vitamin D supplements. A UV lamp method is a substitute way of exposal to UV-B radiations. This method induces the same effect of exposure to sunlight. 

All these are indirect methods of vitamin consumption. Use vitamin D supplements as a direct source. Click here to know more about the best vitamin d tablets in India.

1.HIMALAYAN ORGANICS Vitamin D3 Capsules

Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium which gives strength to bones and teeth. For proper working of calcium, it needs vitamin K2 helps to build bones and prevent hardening of the blood vessel by correct absorption of calcium. Himalayan organics vitamin D3 capsule is a combination of both vitamins D3 and K2. This capsule is 100% natural and a vegetarian product. This capsule is gluten-free and dairy-free. One bottle of Himalayan organics capsules contains 120 capsules. This vitamin D tablet supports a healthy immune system and uses one capsule per day for better result.

2.HEALTHKART Vitamin D3 Capsules

HealthKart Vitamin D3 soft gel capsule is one of the best vitamin d supplement in india. This capsule is a mixture of cholecalciferol, sunflower oil, gelatin, humectant, purified water, triglycerides, and preservatives. This mixture makes the capsule in a highly absorbable form. The tablets have a pleasant but very light flavour in their outer shell and are easy to swallow. This package contains 90 soft gel capsules, and usage of one capsule per day provides strong bones, muscle strength, good immunity, and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetics, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

3.Nature’s Velvet Lifecare Vitamin D3 Capsules

Nature’s velvet vitamin D3 tablet is a good nutrient for calcium absorption and healthy bones. This capsule is free from preservatives, dairy, and gluten. So this tablet is an unflavoured one. This supplement is a good vitamin D tablet in the 5000 IU category. This tablet plays a good immune health role in the secretion of insulin, blood pressure regulation, and indigestion. This tablet helps to regulate the absorption of calcium and prevent calcification in tissues. This product is worth it, and this capsule is easy to swallow. There are 60 soft gel capsules in one bottle and consume one tablet daily, preferably after a meal or as directed by a physician. 

4.Zenith Nutrition Vitamin-D3 Veg Capsules

The biologically active form of vitamin D is vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol. The absence of vitamin D in the body is cause for the failure to properly treat infections, muscular weakness, fatigue, diabetes formation, depression, high blood pressure and stroke. Zenith nutrition tablets cure vitamin D deficiency and this tablet provides healthy bones and boosts the immune system and muscle strength. This tablet is free from gluten, fish, lactose, flavour, sugar, salt, colours, and preservatives. One bottle of Zenith nutrition tablets contains 120 capsules.