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With technology advancing every day, new apps are launching with the latest in market features and facilities. As the owner of an App like Gojek Clone, you need to stay at top of every tech evolution to offer your customers the latest, the unique, and the best they could ever have. Since you have invested in the best resource; the output should be incredible too. To make you a fully-fledged Multi-service business, Gojek like App lets you add the most recent features on the platform. As an owner, you get to extend features like Cookie Consent Popup throughout the System to ensure the safety of your customers’ data and privacy. What more do these apps have in for you?

gojek clone

Latest Features of Gojek Clone App

Running an On-Demand Multi-Service App means you can offer a bundle of services like parcel delivery, food, and grocery delivery, online booking for car wash, hiring an electrician, or appointing a fitness coach, and so on. Adding the latest features can facilitate effortless success for the business. With the introduction of new features, you can expedite your service offerings right from the application.

1. Taxi Booking via iWatch App

You can give your customers the luxury to book taxis via their Apple Watch. This feature is meant to make the booking process a lot easier and quicker. All that a User has to do is download the app, pair it with their internet-enabled iPhone and the app is all set to be used! Simply, book a taxi just like you do on your iPhone.

2. Restrict Fraudulent Activities by the Provider

This latest, up-to-date feature prevents drivers to mark as “Arrived” on the location unless they are a certain meter or feet away from the user/store pick-up location. The feature is designed to put a pause at the driver’s practice of troubling the users by marking status as “Arrived” even when they are miles away from the location.

3. Location Wise Promo Code

This feature allows the admin to create promo code “Location Wise” for particular locations. Users from that specified location can avail of the promo code and get exciting offers like free delivery or discount on their total bill.

4. Option to choose multiple options or toppings from the restaurant menu

This latest feature of the Gojek Clone App that offers food delivery allows restaurant owners to provide multiple options and toppings for each food item. Let’s understand the feature in-depth using an example –

You are ordering Turkey “Cali Fresh” from Subway. The sandwich is newly revamped with crispier ingredients like hickory-smoked bacon, thin-sliced Black Forest ham, roasted turkey, seasoned, marinated, and glazed shaved steak. Through the Gojek Clone App, you can choose additional toppings or sauces and pay extra for selected options. You can add mashed avocado, fresh mozz, onion, mayo, and spinach for a healthier and refreshing taste.

5. One Store under several categories

In this DeliverAll feature, the app owners can assign each store to more than one category. If the store delivers food, grocery, and parcels, the store can ask the admin to add them in a multi-role category as they are offering more than one service to the users.

These are just a few exciting benefits of the latest app features that App like Gojek offers. Well, none can emphasize enough how beneficial these add-on features can be for your business. Once you are upgrading the latest features in your app, it is all ready to attract a new potential customer base, offer abundant convenience and satisfaction to existing users while delivering high on-demand services.


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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.