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Getting to escape reality temporarily and immersing oneself in a fictional world where you can be the main character of an epic tale sounds cool because it is. You can embody characters from different eras and realms. The choices you make along the way may influence the plot slightly or substantially; and your actions determine the ending. You can indulge in virtual romance and adventure, thanks to the excellent graphics and finely crafted dialogues. You may fight zombies, be the queen of a magical kingdom, become a part of history, or turn into a vampire to experience eternal existence.

The concept of interactive story games is indeed intriguing; hence, it’s no wonder that there’s such a wide variety to choose from on the Android app store. Some apps focus on a single story, but most have a library of wonderful books. You get to customize your character and encounter multiple love interests; modern writers/developers ensure diversity of gender and skin color, as well as try their best to include the LGBTQ+ community. However, not all the interactive story apps on Play store are worth your while; a lot of them are unoriginal and cringe-worthy.

Here’s the A-list of interactive story apps for 2022:

1.     Choices: Stories You Play

‘Choices’ is certainly the app that was the first to create all the hype around interactive story games. First of all, the graphics are amazing and the stories are suitable for a large audience. You will find a fair assortment of books for every genre and new chapters are published every week. The app is free to download, but you can make in-app purchases if you wish to. You have to use diamonds to access exclusive scenes, but it won’t affect the story that much if you don’t. You may earn diamonds by watching ads, or you can buy in bulk. Not long ago the app issued a VIP feature that grants you early access to some stories and opportunities to earn more diamonds.

The best stories on Choices include:

  • The Elementalists
  • The Royal Romance
  • Queen B
  • Open Heart
  • Blood Bound

2.     Romance Club: Stories I Play

Romance club was initially an indie app called ‘Sails in the Fog’, which only featured a single story about pirates. Now it is among the leading interactive story apps with a diverse range of books that surpass competitors in terms of creativity. The graphics of the app have improved tremendously over the years, and I would say they are perfection. The stories are highly engaging and your choices have a significant impact on how the plot develops; every story has multiple possible endings, which compels you to play again with different paths. New chapters of all stories in progress are added every 6 weeks. The developers regularly conduct in-game events like ‘diamond rush’ and ‘tea party’ that allow you to play nonstop and acquire free access to diamond scenes; they are probably the most generous game developers out there.

The absolute favorite stories in the app include:

  • On Thin Ice
  • Heart of Trespia
  • Legend of the Willow
  • Heaven’s Secret
  • Arcanum

3. Chapters: Interactive Stories

‘Chapters’ offers an unlimited amount of stories featuring drama, passion, intimacy, and scandal. The app is recommended for a mature audience due to its wide collection of uninhibited content.  The stories are copyright protected and you can even contribute as an author if that’s your thing. The developers organize several competitions where readers can win prizes. Most of the stories are predictable, but engaging and fun.

The top-rated books of the app include:

  • One of Us
  • Prince of Dreams
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Vampire Girl
  • Blurred Lines

4.     Secrets: Game of Choices

The Secrets interactive story app is quite similar to Chapters, given the excessive amount of steamy and romance genre books. The premium choices can be a bit frustrating at times because not choosing them makes your character look kind of bad or lousy. However, the story lines are definitely captivating and great for pastimes.

Some of the books to look out for include:

  • Broken Souls
  • The Haunted Hotel
  • My Perfect Mistake
  • Summer Love
  • College Desires

5. Episode: Choose your Story

What distinguishes this app from the others is its simplistic design and light hearted story telling. If you want a break from intricate images and an intense narrative, this is the app for you. It features the most extensive collection of tales, and the avatar customization is very detailed. For example, you can personalize the shape and overall appearance of your nose, eyebrows, and lips. You can also submit your own story and earn money through this app.

Some of the binge-worthy books on the app include:

  • Dripping Mascara
  • Beneath the Surface
  • Love Life
  • Pitch Perfect in Deep Treble
  • Chain Reaction

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