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There are over 1.94 billion websites in the world. 

“How you can make a career as a magician?” to “How to develop a mobile app?” there are websites on a myriad of topics.

The technological evolution of web development tools has encouraged companies to expand the web development paradigm.

Whether it is e-commerce or content marketing, websites have evolved over the years. The past’s slow websites have now transformed into web applications that create an exceptional user experience. As web development technologies continue to expand to mobile devices (web apps), more and more companies are looking for technology integration in web development.

While technologies like CSS, Javascript, HTML5, and others make web development exciting, there are still new horizons to be discovered.

So let’s dive into some of the horizons of web development to explore new possibilities in 2021.

1. PWAs

PWAs is a different sort of web development technology.

It is web applications with advanced features such as offline mode, responsive web, interactive web, and application-like practice.

It uses HTML, Javascript, and CSS Javascript web technologies to provide high-end web applications.

The offline function of PWAs is prevalent. Take Google Maps as an example. It provides offline maps that you can access without an Internet connection. Can add such features to your web application. All you require to do is keep your static files in the browser cache. You need to add business logic to make the web application retrieve the static files when the user requests them.

Over the years, advanced web applications have received increasing attention. In particular, companies that want to take a mobile-first approach can use PWAs to provide similar experiences on their websites. It operates on both mobile and desktop and provides web applications for all devices.

2. Single page websites:

Why create a complex network of pages? When you can create a simple one-page website. Many web development companies offer such sites. Single-page websites are perfect for emerging startups as they have little time, money, and seldom content.

Many businesses like Apple have already used a single-page website for their products. It helps companies reach specific audiences with the exact content they need. WordPress is deemed one of the most powerful platforms for single-page websites. So spending in a WordPress development company for your company is never a bad idea!

3. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages):

Accelerated mobile pages are different from other PWAs. They offer a superior user interface with basic functionality. The essential feature of an AMP is its speed. They are fast-loading web pages developed by plugins.

AMP plugins are top-rated for their unique user interface without complicated coding. It is a simple web page that makes mobile-friendliness a reality.

4. Single Page Applications (SPA):

As application programming interface (API) technology becomes more sophisticated, SPAs are getting stronger. Single-page applications are beautiful because they give the user immediate feedback instead of slow-loading websites.

From Facebook to Google Drive, SPAs are finding applications in all the technology giants. SPAs offer users a faster web experience with interactive features.

5. Voice commerce:

Voice commerce is one of the most impressive technologies today. Smart speakers have boosted e-commerce by integrating speech recognition and cognitive intelligence. Voice recognition technology helps consumers search for product information through intelligent speakers.

E-commerce or voice commerce driven by smart speakers will reach a remarkable $40 billion by 2022. Integrating such a fantastic innovation into your websites requires extensive knowledge.

With voice commerce, people can make purchases through their smart speakers. The customers can access product information through this speaker and shop easily through the app or website.

Many companies have used this technology over the years, including major players such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Your box to use the technology to extend your company’s e-commerce site to smart speakers.

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6. Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing new in web development. Companies worldwide are striving for integrated AI solutions; the subsidiary of AI, machine learning, algorithms helps companies with automated and predictive approaches.

Companies can make their websites bright in three ways. The first learning, which allows algorithms, under human guidance, to learn practical approaches and strategies from website data

The second is unsupervised learning, which looks at self-learning web applications. An AI model integrated into a website analyses real-time data, processes it, and interactively provides intelligent responses to user requests.

A third way is to improve a website through reinforcement learning. It can assess user problems and provide user-specific solutions. Such AI integration enables a higher level of personalization through AI.

7. Chatbots

One of the most underrated innovations of our time is the chatbot. Chatbots are a combination of cognitive intelligence and speech recognition technology. However, the use of speech recognition technology in chatbots is limited to a few applications.

Chatbots are one of the most effective forms of cognitive computing. Chatbots collect information from users through questions. This data is then analyzed to suggest intelligent product solutions. For example, let’s say you want help with your banking. You go to your bank’s website and see a chatbot asking you questions about your problem.

The chatbot can either try to solve the problem itself or pass it on to someone with higher authority. In this case, the problem solves at the chatbot’s end. This kind of quick customer support leads to business growth.

A chatbot is a software demand that uses natural language programming to enable human-to-human interaction. It is beneficial for after-sales support for businesses.

8. The internet of things (IoT).

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made considerable strides in recent years. From industrial automation to medical tracking devices, the IoT has influenced almost every business area over the years. The need for online tools to track data from IoT-based intelligent machines is the future of web development.

The IoT business expects to be worth more than $1.6 trillion by 2022.

The call will drive by a surge in the development of web tools for smart devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Businesses can benefit from superior IoT-based intelligent technologies. You can look for IoT-based web development solutions to streamline business processes.

IoT is also promoting the use of serverless technology. By using cloud technology, businesses can reduce the load on their servers. Moreover, using cloud technology, the server load is reduced, and websites and applications can be loaded and delivered to the public faster.


2021 will be an exciting year. In the prevailing scenario, where the most excellent companies are looking for remote solutions for their business, web development trends will help. Some trends, like IoT, will help in creating small tools through web development.

Many such remote web tools have already developed in recent years.

Besides, many new technologies such as JavaScript frameworks like Anguar.Js, React.Js, Node.Js, etc., can help companies build better websites in 2021. Moreover, cross-platform technologies such as Flutter are making an impact on web applications with reloading capabilities. Such innovations in web development technologies can create new trends in 2021 and if you are looking for a web developer you can reach top web development companies in India.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.