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Affiliate marketing vs Ad monetisation: How to make money online?

Affiliate marketing vs Ad monetisation: How to make money online?

One of the main boons of learning digital marketing is gaining the skills needed to make money online. 

A lot of people make tall promises of making money online. As you make your way online, you will find endless snake oil salesmen promising to reveal secrets about making money instantly. 

Is it easy to make money online? To get anything of value, you need to work hard and provide value of your own. This is also true when it comes to making money online. You need to create a value in order to earn rewards in the form of financial gain. 

Making money online can be put under two main categories: ad monetization and affiliate marketing. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing basically means promoting external products being sold on another platform on your own website. 

In affiliate marketing, you basically make money through commissions whenever someone buys a product after visiting your website. You can sign up for an affiliate program from every prominent platform. 

Generally, beginners in affiliate marketing beginners only think of affiliate networks like Amazon and Flipkart. In reality, there are several niche programs that have a higher commission rate and provide you much better opportunities to make money. 

What is ad monetization?

Ad monetization simply means earning money through ads on your website. 

This method is much more straightforward. You can simply earn money when a visitor clicks on an ad on your website. 

To publish ads on your website, you must first sign up for an ad network. Google AdSense is one of the more popular ad networks you can use. You have to first get approval by Google AdSense to publish ads on your website.

There are other ad platforms you can start running ads with as well. AdSense makes most sense for beginners only starting their website. 

Which is better?

There is no clear winner between ad monetization and affiliate marketing. There are some websites that are better served publishing ads and others that benefit more by promoting affiliate products. 

If you feel you will lose traffic by publishing ads, affiliate marketing is a better choice. As people gravitate away from advertorial content and platforms, it makes more sense to hitch your wagon to affiliate marketing. 

Ads work best when they are displayed in a native form. The days of interruption marketing are over now. 

You should thus choose to work with ad networks that serve native ads. Ads can also slow down your website loading speed. 

Affiliate marketing is thus a much better option. You should start promoting affiliate products in one way or another even if you decide to publish ads. 

While ad monetization is simpler and easy to implement, it is not wise from a long-term perspective. 

In conclusion

Making money online is the obvious goal most digital marketers have. We discuss two main channels you can use to start making money online.

It is thus first wise to learn digital marketing. is a great digital marketing institute to learn the ins-and-outs of making money online. 

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Gaurav Heera is a digital marketing trainer and writer with many years of experience in the field. He often writes guest posts for, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi

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