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Coronavirus by all means changed everything for the world. People belonging from every background will be entering into the new decade with new challenges. The biggest challenge will be the adaptation of the transformed view of the world. Thankfully, you will not be the only one who has to change gear in order to blend in.

What it means for business people and startup junkies who are stuck at the gate thinking about their next move.

The recession caused the economic meltdown of businesses and startups from one end, but from the other end it has created a huge space in the market for new thinkers and transformation enthusiasts who want to implement their reformed approach.

whatever goes down must come up

Whatever goes up must come down. But, if interpreted differently, then it means that whatever goes down must come up. G20 countries are seeing the worst of it for now, they have seen their worst quarter since 1987. Dow dropped -23.2% in Q1. We are in the middle of the global recession which is worse after 2008.  (source CNBC).

There’s light at the end of the tunnel

According to the IMF, the unemployment rate has now spiked to 10% in many countries, which also includes the US. But there’s something very surprising in it for you. In the backdrop of all this activity, experts are seeing a rise in the entrepreneurial activities that no one has ever seen.

By this point you are probably waiting for the good part to come. This unprecedented scenario was the pushback and response to the recession by the market and entrepreneurs.

So, things like transformed approach perspective and response against the recessive market are contributing to the cause.

The phoenix is rising from the ashes

The recession killed thousands of startups leaving a space wide open. People are flocking towards this void to fill it up with new startups. It means that transformed perception is emerging. This is an opportunity for you, if you have a plan even a simple one, just go with it. You will probably find an empty or very less crowded market. The chances of getting success are multiplied in this environment.

How can you enter the market with a transformed perspective

The recession did another thing. It provided an opportunity for the young entrepreneurs to shift their mindset. If you have graduated recently and are looking for a job, just think about it with a different approach. Online businesses are flourishing and it’s now imperative that they will continue the uptrend.

If you have been promised by an organization for job safety and benefits, you have to realize that the market has now changed. It is favoring the people who are willing to take a different route that will define the future.

Don’t settle for less

If you are taking an approach to settle for one job, then you might have to think again. This is not the time to rely on one job or activity only. This market space might not come again. Just trust your ideas and approach and start thinking of ways to implement them.

In another CNBC report, the freelance market has seen a boom in recent times. This means that people are preferring self-employment status. The job space has increased 25% in the months of April to June. Obviously, circumstances have forced them to take this step, but most of the people are of the view that this approach did wonders for them and this is the best decision they have taken. (source CNBC)

You want to find peace of mind? This hassle free approach and mindset will give you the comfort and sense of ownership that you are looking for.

Concept of remote work is consolidating

The major transition that the world has faced is the shift from the physical to remote work. Businesses were pushed to take this step against all odds. You just have to exploit this factor. Conducting business from the screen of your laptop and smartphone screen is the new normal.

Benefit from the government reliefs

Governments are favoring and giving tax reliefs to the entrepreneurs and struggling businesses in these times. This is the ideal situation for you to cash in and claim the opportunity like tax reliefs and recession benefits. If you are looking to exploit those benefits for your business, Accotax chartered accountants in London will give you the complete insight and provide you with the right ideas.

Don’t die wondering

Future is always uncertain for any business, but it depends heavily on the favorable conditions. This is the new fact; our market will be filled and the gaps will be bridged with new approaches and transformed startups. If you are among those people who believe that their skills will bring change; you will be a part of this silent revolution.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.