wavlink ac1200 setup

The Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router enables 1200 Mbps of speed and is suitable for home networks. It provides the most secure and safe internet connection by enabling the guest mode or parental control and many internet security settings you can do along with the setup of the router. The Wavlink comes with advanced wireless technology in which it offers a secured wifi connection. Its four high-gain antennas boost up the speed of the wifi signal range that can efficiently cover the entire house with its high speed. It is widely compatible with  a/b/g/n devices and enhances dual-band WiFi service with quick and strong internet connections.

The Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router can be worked as a universal repeater, wireless extender, AP LAN mode which is ideal for boosting the signal throughout your house. It greatly provides advanced wireless speed and conveniently extends the coverage of the existing wifi network. The Wavlink Router keeps strengthening your network connection.

Versatile Features of the Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router

With the wavlink ac1200 setup, you get the latest features with modern technology. Hence it improves the efficiency of the networking speed. As it is the smart dual-band router that provides a reliable and stable connection with wide range coverage all over your house. As well as it provides lower latency and consistent wifi speed to the router. It is best for playing online games and performing heavy tasks. 

Enables Home WiFi security

The Wavlink router also supports the WPA/WPA2 security protocols for the safety of the wifi connection. It helps to save from the internet threats that can attack the functioning of the system. By enabling the guest mode, firewall and create a strong password so that it will make your connection safer and protected.

Perform Multi Operation Modes

The Wavlink router is supported by PPPoE, DHCP and static IP. Also, you can enable the LAN bridge mode that can work as an access point and is suitable for covering wired or wireless connections.

High-gain 4 x 5dBi wireless antennas

It has 4 x 5dBi powerful high brass antennas that can seamlessly improve the coverage of the wifi speed. It can perform even better when the transmission rates are at the appropriate distance from the router. You will get versatile wifi coverage throughout your house and enhance the stability that can reach every corner of the house.

Smart LED indicator

It has smart LED indicators which indicate the actual performance of the router. Moreover, it helps you to find the ideal location for your router. Every blinking LED light indicates a different meaning. So it is the smartest part of the Wavlink router.

No More Blind Spots

The Wavlink router can seamlessly eliminate all the deals or blind spots from your house. It is the perfect choice for those people who have a dead zone in every corner of their house. By accessing its high range it can cover hard-to-reach areas of your house and kill all the WiFi dead zones.

Troubleshooting Tips for the Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Router

The Wavlink  WiFi Router provides many latest features with new-age technology and the setup can be done with the help of using the Wavlink Smart app on your mobile device. After performing so well it still gets some issues like no internet connection, the problem with the login id or somehow it shows an error while accessing the router. Here you get some tips that can solve half of the problems related to the Wavlink router.

In case the Wavlink website shows an error or the Login IP address does not respond.

In case this situation occurs then verify that your router and your PC are connected to the same WiFi name. After that verify that you have entered the correct URL ap.setup in the web address. Also, ensure that your computer or laptop should be protected by antivirus or firewall so that it can’t stop you from accessing the website.

In case it shows that the device has no internet connection

To fix this issue make sure that the host wifi router should be working with the internet connection. Also, ensure that the wifi host or wifi password should be filled in correctly while accessing the internet connection. If you still get issues with the internet connectivity then perform the reset to the factory default operation.

The working problem of the Wavlink router

To fix this problem make sure that you have placed the router in an ideal position. Also, disconnect the unnecessary devices with the router. You can also change the channel name and wireless security mode for the protection of the internet connection.

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