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1991 might seem a year too early for the setting of a precedent by LucasArts, but Monkey Island 2’s first release was a hidden gem. It did not manage to pull off a blockbuster release; however, it received a felicitous acclamation as the year’s best adventure game. Michael Z. Land’s legendary iMUSE (Interactive Music Streaming Engine) and HD graphics come together to provide you with this experience, so secure your seats and be ready to exercise your brain’s frontal lobe as you dive into Monkey Island 2 walkthrough: LeChuck’s Revenge!

Adventure has opened its door for you and you are on Scabb Island as a pirate (Guybrush Threepwood) who is thriving to search for Big Whoop’s exalted hidden treasure, but fate has put thorns in your way and you now need to survive a zombie’s (LeChuck) revenge encounter so that you can successfully get your hands on the treasure. 

Part 1: The Largo Embargo

The game begins on Scabb Island, and an attempt to escape from the screen will result in an attack by a local bully (LeGrande), who will take away all your coins. So, you choose the shovel from the sign and meet the cartographer (Wally). Then pick up the monocle and, after taking a piece of paper from the bottom of the screen, leave the store. Take the hatch leading to Bloody Lip Tavern, and when Largo shows up and spits on the wall, use the paper that you picked earlier with Largo’s spit and exit the tavern. Next, enter through the open window on the side of the boat and, after taking the knife, crawl back out through the window. Continue walking to the west until the laundry is in your sight. Once there, speak with the three men of low moral fiber and inquire about the wooden leg until one of the men asks you to buy polish for him. You should then grab the bucket despite being resisted. Once in the hotel, pick up cheese squiggles and leave after taking the toupee from the dresser. Next, when you reach the voodoo hut, you’ll still need two more ingredients for the voodoo doll to be made, so row back to the island. When you have collected Lágo’s spit, the toupee, bone, and bra, hand them over to the voodoo lady. Then reach the houseboat and hand over the monocle to Captain Dread so that he agrees to captain the ship.

Part 2: The Four Pieces

As you are now on the boat with Captain Dread, take the parrot chow and enter the cabin to ask the captain to sail towards Phatt Island. After arriving at the island, pick up the items and then win the invitation as your prize to sail back to Booty Island. Now to Ask to but the map piece, you will have to trade the invitation for your dress. Then escape from the chef and pick up a fish after entering the house by showing your invitation to the guard. Take the oar hanging from the wall, exit the mansion and sail back to Phatt Island. Then, go to the library and get a library card made to issue the three books. Read the two books. Next, get a fishing pole from the fisherman. Then, release a woman from jail and take the vanilla envelope from the shelf and open it to find a bottle of Near-Grog. From the jail, go to the mansion. Trick the guard to enter the mansion and switch your book with the “Famous Pirate Quotations” book. Sail back to Booty Island. After picking up the broken oar from there, sail back to Scabb Island and head to Woodsmiths. He will reinforce the oar for you. Then exit and go down the hatch. Order the bartender to serve you Yellow Beard’s Baby and Blue Whale. Moving forward, mix the yellow drink with the blue drink to make a green drink. Go to the woodsmiths and pick up a  hammer and nails. Then, sail back to Booty Island. From Stan’s shop, take a hankie and then nail him inside the coffin. Take the crypt key and leave the store. Take the fourth map piece from Rapp. After going back to Woodtick, give Wally a map piece. Then, ask the Voodoo Lady for the love potion, which will hint to her that Wally’s in trouble. Next, you will be led by the delivery crew to LeChuck’s Fortress.

Part 3: LeChuck’s Fortress

Next, you’ll be inside the fortress. The clues to which doors to open will be found on the spit-encrusted paper, which contains randomly generated verses. When you’ve completed the door puzzle, push open the huge door to take the voodoo key. In trying to do so, LeChuck will catch you and hang you. You and Wally will then escape to a dark room and using the matches and love bomb from the juju bag, you’ll be exploded to the Dinky Island.

Part 4: Dinky Island

You will find a cracker in the barrel. Then in the jungle, smash the bottle on the tree and then use it to create a hole in the bag. Distilled water on the box that you got from the bag will yield another 2 crackers. After giving a cracker to a parrot thrice, a big X on the ground will be revealed. Dig on the X and throw in lighted dynamite, which will lead to gaining Elaine’s attention, and you will end up on a ledge in the hole. Next, when you find yourself in a dark room, move the cursor around until you find a light switch. LeChuck is standing in the room! While avoiding LeChuck, find the items needed for a voodoo doll. Once you’re free, open the medical drawer and take the hypodermic syringe. However, LeChuck may teleport you around, so don’t panic! Find the room with the broken grog machine and then use the surgical gloves on the helium tank. Wait for LeChuck to show up after using the grog machine. Following that, when LeChuck shows up in the elevator, pull the lever that will cut his beard. Take the beard bits and go back out to the alley on Melee Island. Put the previously collected items into the Juju bag and wait for the Voodoo Doll to be made by LeChuck. Then, go back down the elevator and wait for LeChuck. As he appears, use the syringe on the voodoo doll. Do this once again as he tries to escape.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the game!

By Anurag Rathod

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