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Are you confused about how to choose the right boiler for your home? With so many choices available in the market, it could become a tad difficult to figure out the right option that would suit your requirements. But as daunting as it may sound, once you know the types, prices, and specifications, it will be much easier for you to make a decision.  

Let us walk you through the fundamentals which would help you choose the best boiler for your family. 

Types of Boilers 

First and foremost, ascertain the use of the boiler. It is the primary determinant in choosing the type of boiler you would want at home. Not all kinds of boilers are made to suit residential requirements. You also need to check your existing system if you are planning a switchover. Getting the old one replaced by almost a similar kind of boiler could be cost effective. Installation of a different model could mean rehashing the infrastructure.  

The boilers used for domestic purposes are condensing boilers. The latent heat is used as the fuel through a large heat exchanger. Installation of a condensing boiler makes your enclosure 90% energy-efficient, thus ensuring a green heating solution.  

Choosing the brand 

Now that you have a fair idea about boilers for home, it’s time you choose the best brand. It can be challenging to zero in on the most appropriate manufacturer that suits your requirements and you might want to get the expert help of an engineer or a boiler supplier. However, the compilation below can give you an overview of the best boiler manufacturers you might want to buy from: 

  • Worcester Bosch 
  • Baxi 
  • Ideal 
  • Vaillant 
  • Viessmann 

Size and Dimension 

The size and dimension are two very important factors when you are planning to install a boiler at home. The measurement of the space that you would want to fit the boiler in is crucial. In case the chosen spot is not appropriate, moving to a different location could mean it would take longer to install the setup. Nowadays, with technological improvements, boilers are almost close to being portable, which is a boon for smaller homes. But do remember, the size of the boiler is dependent on the type of boiler that you choose to buy.   


The price of a boiler for residential use is quite affordable barring the initial outlay cost that is required to be taken into consideration. The average replacement cost of a residential boiler, inclusive of the installation charges, would range between $3600 – $8000. The heating method (fuel type), size and efficiency rating are three very crucial determinants of the cost of running a boiler.  

Combi Boiler 

A Combi or Combination boiler gives you instant hot water, unlike the traditional system where you needed to store hot water. The water from the cold mains get heated through an integrated heat exchanger, making it a manageable unit which can be hung on a wall. The maintenance cost is on the lower side and it can help you create space, especially if you are intending to replace the old hot water tanks. This is a perfect choice for a small household having one bathroom with no space for a hot water tank.  

Conventional Boiler 

This is a traditional boiler. It has a storage tank and a cylinder. Unlike the Combi boiler, this requires space and is good for bigger families. The installation cost is on the higher side. However, due to its solar compatibility, it becomes cost effective and ensures a greener living zone. You may not get instant hot water but in case of a breakdown, all you need to do is install an immersion heater in the cylinder and voila! You have warm water flowing out of the taps. So, these boilers are a must-have for large households with multiple bathrooms. 

System Boiler 

These boilers, which have components integrated with them, do not need cold water tank need but a hot water cylinder to supply hot water through multiple outlets. In other words, it is an upgradation of the conventional boiler. Using these boilers not only enables you to save space, but it can also be installed quickly and its maintenance is less cumbersome since the components are in-built into the boiler. These are for homes having a modern CHS.  

Top Ten Boiler Manufacturers 

Here is a list of the top ten boiler manufacturers for you to choose from: 

  • Viessmann Boilers 
  • Alpha Boilers 
  • Ideal Boilers 
  • Vaillant Boilers 
  • Baxi Boilers 
  • Glow worm Boilers 
  • Potterton Boilers 
  • Intergas Boilers 
  • Vokera Boilers 

Basic Troubleshooting for your boilers 

Check out some basic troubleshooting tips to combat the boiler blues, if need be. 

In case of a leak, its recommended to take the assistance of a trained engineer. A low boiler pressure can happen due to a system leak and should be handled by a boiler service engineer. In case there is no heating, you need to check the pressure gauge and if it’s thermostat-related then go through the manufacturer guide of the device. If your system is hit by the issue of frozen condensate pipe especially in winters, you can check the video on defrosting and get a quick fix to your problems. Radiator faults can be easily resolved by bleeding a radiator. When the boiler isn’t responding to the thermostat, you can either replace batteries, check for interferences followed by repositioning the device.  

If you hear strange noises from your boiler, while it is in operation, call the emergency boiler repairs without delay. If you face the issue of pilot lights getting switched off, call the local boiler repairs to resolve the issue. In case your boiler does not switch on, check the power supply and the fuse boxes for failed or tripped switches. In case you fail to locate the exact reason, get in touch with a boiler service engineer or the local boiler repairs without delay. If any of the mentioned issues are not resolved, there could be a boiler breakdown which can only be addressed by a boiler service engineer. Call the emergency boiler repairs and fix up an appointment with the engineer.   


Now that you are quite aware of the fundamentals of how a boiler at home functions, it is time that you use the information gained to make a wise choice and select a boiler of the best brand that will address your hot water requirements without any glitches whatsoever. In case you are eager to trouble shoot yourself, please ensure that you monitor and perform checks that are simple and risk free.  

By Anurag Rathod

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