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There is no such magic to understand the minds of your audience. So, the easiest way is to ask them. You can send a survey for fine tuning your podcast. When a person listens to a podcast, most of the time, they are multitasking. So, you will have to ask them more than once. 

The best way is to encourage your audience to survey tasks for getting gifts. Let us see what your podcast survey has to offer you.

Audience demographics:

When you start your survey with some short, personal questions, it breaks the ice. It is best to learn from surveying podcast audiences about your podcast demographics. Make sure that when you ask about their age, avoid using numbers. Or else offer them with age ranges, and let them choose it.

Avoid asking about their address. You can ask your audience about their residing country, town, or city. All these understandings will let you focus the topic on a particular age group or area. This will make your podcast shows more relatable.

Try to know their interests, and you can ask them. One or two of their interests will do the job. You will find at least one thing in common in most of the answers. This will give you a better understanding of which topic you need to focus on. These answers will give you an enhanced picture of your audience.

Content inspiration:

When it comes to content inspirations, podcast listeners will be the correct source for you. Your podcast will help you to put your hand on that resource. Ask questions in your surveys to learn what they will want you to do for covering your show. Ask them which guest they will like on your show. All these will spark fresh ideas in you.

The different listeners’ perspectives will help you to think about something new. Always remember that audiences are most important. So, do what they like the most.

Know the listening habits of your audience:

When you perform a podcast survey, you get to understand the listening habit of your audience. Keep this as a focus in the survey for learning when your audience listens to the podcast. You will also see what kind of devices they are using and what applications they prefer.

This information further will help you to strengthen or build efficient marketing techniques. A proper understanding of the listening habits of fans will ease podcast enhancement.

You may discover that your audience listens to your podcasts on their commute. So, you will get a good understanding of how long your show needs to run.

Learn the preferences of your listener:

Among all the things podcast survey tell you, the best you learn is about your listeners’ preferences. You get to know about the genre they enjoy the most and also learn about their favorite shows. Also, you come to know the length they prefer while listening to a show. You can also ask in your survey about who is their favorite host.

Beyond the marketing scope, you get a clear picture of their interests. Based on the questions in your survey, you can know about their favorite places and hobbies. Yes, these all are irrelevant questions. But the feedback helps you to improve your show. Right from creating new content up to giveaways, all these insights prove to be fruitful.

Social media behavior or habits of your audience:

Surveys help to have a greater understanding of the audience’s social media habits. You get to know about their most-used social platforms. You may find out the kind of content they look for on social media.

This will help you to level up your game. If you think that your audience is choosing Instagram the most, you need to make Insta Stories. Also, you get the motivation to find out new ways for growing your community.

Get insights into where your audience searches your show:

A survey is a perfect way for finding out how people are finding your podcast. It may be word of mouth. Or it can also be newsletters or recommendations.

All these answers will help you to make superior strategies. It will ensure that you are not wasting your energy, money, and time on ineffective places.

For example, people have learned about your show from Facebook ads. So, you need to focus your energy and time over here instead of working on any other vague places.

Learn where you need to bring improvements:

Indeed, it is always good to hear positive feedback. You come to know that people love whatever you are sharing. It motivates you, and you keep on crafting rock-solid content. Also, you can learn a few other things as well. Yes, you learn about the places on which you need to put better focus for improvement.

Negative comments are unbearable, but they give birth to new wonderful ideas. So, ask your audience about what are the places that you must improve.

Understand that feedback is the simplest tool for improving your podcast. So, you must not put yourself down because of the negative comment. Use it as a tool for motivation to improve your podcasts.

Undergo future planning:

From a podcast survey, you learn about the direction towards which you need to take your show. Your podcast show may have been following a solo format. But your survey might tell you that your audience wants you to pair up with new guests. Also, you may need to opt for segment expansion in the future.

So, surveying can tell you a lot about what you need to do in the future. It will also help you opt for the right podcast editing services. Thus, in short, it will strengthen your podcasting in the future as a whole.


If you are a podcaster, the most valuable thing that you can receive is audience feedback. It helps you to get in touch with your audience and get a bit personal. Understand what they love and their preferences. Explore new ways, and share the valuable data with potential investors and sponsors for expansion. Make use of the above tips for fine tuning your strategies.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.