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Video has become an essential part of digital marketing. Unlike traditional content marketing, videos carry different experiences to users. 

The sounds and visuals make it clear for the viewers to understand the message better. With this perk, companies start using video content to reach out to their audiences. 

We name this video marketing, video content that intends purposely to generate leads. One of the examples is explainer videos. This video content emphasizes the visual and storytelling and turns viewers into leads.

However, video content will be such a waste if we don’t pay attention to its search engine optimization (SEO). It is the main key to succeeding in your video content in today’s tight competition.

What Is Video SEO?

Video SEO is an approach to optimizing video content to increase exposure on the search engine with relevant keywords. 

Working on video SEO is a bit different from on-page SEO for your article. It focuses more on your video just right before publishing it to the internet.

Why Is Video SEO Important?

Just like any other content, treat your video as the source of your potential customers. It is essential to optimize video content before launching it on your website. Some of the benefits of practicing video SEO are stated below:

Increase Web Traffic

Imagine your video content is being shared everywhere, it is about time you will get massive traffic on your site. Your video content is the best representation of your brand, it showcases the brands’ message in a simple visualization object.

On the other hand, your website is where all the information about your brand is available. When your video content successfully reaches out to many audiences, it subsequently brings a new potential market to your site.

Boost Web Rank

A website should contain the information that users need. Whether you intend to create only a landing page, it is still important to follow this rule. It is what makes a website credible in Google’s eyes.

The method to achieve this goal is to create content that is helpful for visitors. It can be articles or other similar copies. But, having none of the images and videos will bore the visitors at the first glance. 

Your video content can help catch their attention and hold them longer on your site. In this way, the search engine will deem your site credible and eventually increase your web rank.

Reach Out The Audience Better

It is no wonder that videos can bring more traffic to your site. Videos let the viewers know the message concisely. Unlike a standard copy, video won’t let the viewers misinterpret the message. It delivers with the visuals and the sounds so clear.

Although another content will do the same for your page e.g. web address by the end of an article, videos can do more in just a short time. Your audiences don’t need to spend 3-4 minutes reading your copy when they can get the same information in under a minute.

Essential Video SEO Tricks To Improve Your Ranking

To get the most of your video content, you must optimize its SEO by implementing the tricks below.

Add Relevant Caption

Writing video captions will help increase exposure as Google and YouTube crawlers are working on it. Captions let the viewers understand thoroughly without activating the sounds.

Sometimes your video sound doesn’t go well after publication, captions can be the backbone to your video. Captions also make the messages clearer in case your viewers don’t catch the narration properly.

Moreover, the caption broadens your audiences with hearing problems. 

Create Catchy Thumbnail

It is one of the biggest tricks in the video content industry. The reason most people click on a video is solely because of its eye-catchy thumbnail. Whether it is a part of your video or a bizarre image, a good thumbnail is the one that brings viewers.

To create a catchy thumbnail, you need to know who is your audience. A scandalous thumbnail won’t fit a business video, and that would leave a bad impression. Therefore, match your thumbnail with your target market.

Research Keywords

Keywords are a crucial part of your video SEO. They give your video an identity in the public. Your keywords must represent what your video content is all about. 

Keywords are the first thing users type on their search bar, thus, it is essential to match keywords with your video. 

First, do some keywords research to learn more about what users typically search. Avoid too general and narrow keywords as they won’t get your video to show on the top pages. Then, you can implement these keywords on your video title and descriptions.

Implement Video Sitemap

A video sitemap is a sitemap that contains information about your video content on your site. Using a video sitemap is an important move to let Google know where your video is hosted and when your video should appear on a search page.

This sitemap is generated by Google where everyone can submit their sitemap. It includes metadata of your videos such as title, description, length, category, and intended audiences. 


Video SEO is undisputedly important to gain more exposure. It contains crucial tricks such as video captioning, bombing thumbnail, deep-searched keywords, etc. that increase its appearance on the search engine result page. Implementing Video SEO tricks will help increase web traffic, boost web SEO, and eventually generate more conversion. 


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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