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Video game live streaming is an activity that’s doubling in popularity day by day. With recent technological developments like high-speed internet and cloud gaming, the games have become far more interesting and social than ever before.It is no surprise that youngsters make up the vast majority of game live streaming fans. It is estimated that a whopping 44 % of internet users between the age of 16 and 24 are indulging actively in watch and streaming live game sessions. Most popular platforms allow streaming for people above the age of 13. 

All this is like sweet music for a young mind but if you are a parent, you would be hearing alarm bells already. It can be concerning as a parent when children enter public platforms where they can get introduced to different people. But worrying is not a solution. Most parents don’t know what game live stream is, and therefore, they don’t know how they should guide their children to use it safely. So, let’s understand how game streaming works so that you can create a safe and atmosphere for your children. 

What Is Game Live Streaming?

Game live streaming is the process of live streaming game sessions online through various cloud platforms. Just like live-streaming video content, gamers are the content creators here. Gamers across the world live stream their gaming sessions on open platforms and viewers visit the live streaming channels to watch their favorite gamers play their favorite games. Fans watch the live streams to know about a new game, or to just interact with the streamers and other people online. It is more like a community gathering for game lovers around the world. Kids and adults all gather on live stream channels to watch the games and also interact with each other.

There are also other live events like tournaments and esports that are even more fun. Children can’t be blamed for their attraction to live game streaming. Many streamers are professional, popular and they earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just by video game live streaming. Your children may be watching the streams and trying to learn how to build a career out of them. So forcefully obstructing them is not the right decision.

Here’s how you can help your children understand the risks and create a safe experience for them.

Understanding the Age Restrictions

As mentioned above, most platforms have an age restriction of at least 13 or15, which means that children below that age cannot be allowed to watch or stream the content. So, if your child is not yet 13 you have the green signal to take action. Switch off the systems and educate them about the age restrictions and potential risks these channels can have. Platforms also recommend parental overview for the age group between 13 to 18. So, stay with them and allow them to watch and stream only when you are there to keep a watch on the activity.

Communication Help

One of the most effective methods of regulating children from developing an addiction to gaming is to communicate. Calm and informative communication always works the best. You must not obstruct them from viewing live stream video games, but you should communicate about the potential risks of engaging in such internet-socialization. Young teenagers must be made aware of bad content, abusive language, bullying, and other practices that can have a negative effect. You must tell them not to do any of such activities and not to answer someone doing it. 

If your children wish to stream their gaming sessions, you must take special care in giving them all the necessary information. You should tell them what to share and what not to share in public. Speak openly about the risks involved when you appear publicly online. Also, explain to your children about the right age to decide whether to choose game streaming as a profession or not. All these calm and peaceful measure will help get a better hold over the situation.

Understanding Entertainment

If left unchecked, children can get very addicted to video games and online streaming. You must explain to them that it is, after all, entertainment, and therefore, it shouldn’t be given much importance. Always keep a set time for gaming and do not allow children to spend many hours on streaming platforms even if it’s a holiday.

Games Shouldn’t Invade

You must take special care that the gaming activity doesn’t become invasive to other activities of life. If you see that your childrens’ grades are decreasing, or if they are spending too much time playing games, stop them from watching or streaming games. If you notice a decline in their physical activities and a steady increase in their gaming, these are signs when you need to stop them. 

Find Time

The biggest problem is not online gaming, the problem is parents not having time to check their childrens’ activities. Always find time to sit and communicate with your child, know about his preferences, what games he likes and why. All this will give you a better understanding of your child’s mentality towards gaming. Always stay nearby and keep a watch when they are playing. 

It’s Not That Bad After All

Yes, it is just online games where everyone gathers and interacts just Like Facebook or YouTube. The online gaming platforms are all reliable and do not allow prohibited content on their platforms. Everyday thousands of viewers entertain themselves by watching games. So, you can relax a little, it is not that bad after all. 

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So, relax and enjoy the amazing world of online gaming responsibly. 

By Anurag Rathod

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