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Five Tips for Going Green with Bottled Water Delivery Service

Five Tips for Going Green with Bottled Water Delivery Service

Delivery of bottled water is convenient and fast. Water delivery is one approach to greener living that consumers are exploiting more and more. Companies that are professional drink bottle manufacturers are working hard to protect the environment. They also urge those that use their products, to follow their path.

Throughout the US, several businesses like olive oil bottle manufacturers are electing bottled drinking water instead of well or tap water. Whether from single-serve containers or bottled delivery service, they are sensing the responsibility of going green.

The bottled drinking water typically comes in 3 or 5-gallon bottles that businesses can use, sanitize, repackage, sterilize, and sent back to their consumers. Taking benefits of a water delivery service in the office, as well as recycling and promoting plastic bottles, are two methods through which you can go green.

Tip # 1 Delivery from a Local Supplier

For water delivery at the workplace, compare the prices of local and national delivery services. Since the cost of delivered bottled water is influenced heavily by the transportation cost, a supplier operating close to your or office will give you the best-delivered price and service.

The bottled water provided by bottled delivery service providers usually comes in 3 or 5-gallon bottles.

Bottled water offers the best healthy alternative to other beverages that contain sugar and tap water containing contaminants. Water delivery offers convenience and ease to businesses and consumers.

Among the forms of bottled water, spring water contains the same contaminants as tap water. The only difference is the taste and odor of chlorine, which is filtered out.

A small group of drink bottle manufacturers provides purified water that is required by law to be at least 99.9% pure. Purified water is always better for health and the environment and costs less than spring water.

Tip # 2 Office and Home Delivery

Simplify purchase of water through water delivery service. You get better prices and they are usually available for home delivery too; if you are a worker of an office delivery customer.

Bottled water has become necessary in today’s business environment. It is as common as an office amenity and as free as the internet and coffee. Information on office delivery programs is readily available on the internet from some water delivery suppliers.

Tip # 3 – Bigger is not Always Better

Bottled water delivery is a service-based business and the supplier is supposed to be sensitive towards customers’ needs for:

  • changes in the number of bottles,
  • suspension of deliveries during vacation times and
  • other matters vital to the customer.

Unfortunately, the largest drink bottle manufacturers normally offer the worst client service. Do the research and ask about the level of after-sale customer service. Whatever you do, DO NOT sign any contract that has penalties for early cancellation.

Contracts are required by the largest suppliers and these crappy contracts encourage sloppy service without cancellation fear.

Tip # 4 – For Convenience, Order Online

E-commerce is a convenient, fast, and safe way to buy. Through online shopping, you can find the best deal and avert the need of signing an unfair contract. A few companies are fully-automated in a way that enables you to order any time any day.

However, many suppliers do not offer this service. Besides, convenience, with modern technology like SSL, your purchase is risk-free. On specific purchases, no sales tax is charged, which gives you an additional benefit.

Tip # 5 – Make Sure You Buy the latest Bottles and Accessories

The business of bottled water is changing constantly with new products and accessories that make products safe and convenient. For instance, new cooler technology has eliminated water spills. Similarly, spill-proof caps provide convenient and sanitary water supplies.

Bottles having safety handles are another unique innovation to make sure changing bottles is safe and easy. For bulk users, accessories like bottle racks permit bottles’ stacking in an organized and convenient way.

Unfortunately, not all bottled water suppliers offer these kinds of accessories as large-scale companies have an extensive stock of bottles and caps and will not change this inventory until the bottles’ useful life is over.

Going Green

As opposed to what the overall population frequently accepts, the bottled water industry was among the first to start reusing plastic bottles. The bottled water that regularly comes in 3 or 5-gallon bottles that can be utilized by the buyer, at that point got by the water bottle supplier, repackaged, sanitized, and sent back to the customer.

Final Words

Recycling water bottles or using a water delivery service that sanitizes then recycles bottles is a better alternative for you, your family, and the environment. Recycling plastic or using a bottled delivery service that sanitizes bottles is an important step in creating a green environment.

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