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One can’t compromise when it comes to safety and cinched windows and doors. At least, you can admit you give more importance to your door over your windows. However, you might have to pay for it if you overlook it for a longer time. If you are looking forward to making your window reliable in the long run, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, you will be enlightened upon the knowledge of aluminium window locks and how you can capitalise on them. Therefore, read the full article if you do not want to skip this information. 

What is an Aluminium Window Lock?

Without a single doubt, you can say that an aluminium window lock is made up of aluminium. It is indeed true, and there is no doubt in it. However, to know it through a lens, you will have to know its crux. So the window which has locks and pivot points and is made to support the aluminium window pane resonates with many people these days. 

One of the main striking features of this aluminium window lock is its sliding facility. It functions so that when you press the lock and simultaneously pull the windows on one side. As a result, one part of the window will eventually open. 

What are Some Additional Features That Make Aluminium Windows Worth It?

Yes, aluminium windows have seen a hike in their production and customize hardware manufacture. So if you have already installed aluminium windows for your home or workplace or if you are planning to buy them, here is a reminder for you. 

1. Choose the Right Lock: 

You might be aware that these days, locks are not confined to a single type. Therefore, choose a lock that complies with your requirement. It could be a flip-flop lock, a hinge wedge lock, or even a digital lock. Whatever it is, make sure to glue it to your aluminium window. This ensures the safety of not only your window but your four-walled place.

2. Use an Aluminium Window Shield: 

Adding a protected layer to anything is no less than cradling it. Amidst every other thing, why not add a shield to the aluminium window? You can either use a glass (conventionally called tempered glass) or a glazed window for the same purpose. It will help your window from breaking, and this would also make your lock gain long life. 

3. Security Window Screen for the Win: 

People who unravel themselves from the old and clichéd section of people who still believe in typical windows opt for security window screens. You cannot sum up in a sentence or two what purpose the security window screen caters to. It prevents any kind of foreign entry, be it microorganisms, sun rays, or effing air. 

What are the Security Purposes of the Aluminium Window?

Apart from adding extra security, an aluminium window already provides you with a lot of benefits. So let us take a closer look at it.

  • If you have kids in your vicinity, it can already be assumed how fascinated they are with windows and outer view. However, we find it annoying at times because it can be dangerous too. In such cases, aluminium windows would accurately fulfill your need as children cannot easily open them. Nevertheless, it is very easy to open or close it as there is an articulate mechanism involved. 
  • Typical windows do not give the wall an enhanced look, yet they bore our eyes. When you install an aluminium window lock in your place, you cannot take your eyes off. 
  • Windows other than aluminium windows causes a lot of repetitive yet breaking voice. Moreover, if there is no system to bind the window, it will continuously move to and fro with the speedy wind. There is no such case in the aluminium window, you see. 
  • You can even customize hardware manufacture if you want any specific yet different changes in your aluminium window. 


Above all, aluminium is the best material if you want durability, lightness, resistance in your window. So aluminium window lock is a better option altogether, and you should not give it the benefit of the doubt. 

By Anurag Rathod

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