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Are you looking for unique startup ideas? Have you considered investing in an on-demand industry? Not yet! We give you ample reasons why investing in the UberMoto Clone app for a bike-sharing solution can be the best thing to venture.  The on-demand market is growing day by day. With so many on-demand apps launched in the market, no wonder the competition is making it stiff. However, of all on-demand app, the UberMoto clone is still new and there is a lot of online space for entrepreneurs to provide bike-sharing solutions to their customers. 

What Makes UberMoto Clone App So Lucrative For Business?

In today’s first paced world, customers are moving towards a solution that is money saving and time-saving both. Uberto clone app seems to suffice their expectations. The increasing need from the customers itself gives ample reasons to develop this bike sharing solution. 

If you are still wondering how the UberMoto clone app can provide you with a successful business, here we have reasons:

  • People can skip commuting in traffic, jams, and roadblocks. The driver takes care of that headache.
  • The UberMoto clone app drivers are well-versed with the traffic regulations
  • The person gets to reach his/her destination easily using the UberMoto clone app 
  • It is a cheaper option compared to going through a cab and a convenient one for a single rider
  • The traffic jams and congestion due to increased vehicles is reduced with more usage of this app
Four, Three and now comes the Two Wheeler Ubermoto app

The Homework Before You Start Your UberMoto Clone App Bike Sharing Solution

Just because you are replicating a successful business model does not mean yours too will be unsuccessful unless of course, you do some homework beforehand. Remember, you are taking inspiration from the original UberMoto and not copying it entirely. Things you need to look for are:

Know your target audience

  • What kind of problems your customers are facing?
  • Rates they are comfortable paying?
  • What kind of safety, precautions they are looking for when booking the ride with UberMoto?

Right from their age-groups to what kind of issues they are facing while commuting can be considered when you are developing the app. These factors will help you build the app and design suiting your customer requirements. By incorporating the solutions to the problems they are facing will make your app successful.

Customizing features

No two UberMoto clone apps are the same – This is not a size fit rule, and it shouldn’t be in fact it requires having different, yet useful features that are exclusively built around resolving your customer problems. You may have similar features but, not exact ones. 

Try to differentiate by knowing what your competitors are providing – in terms of customer service, rates, location coverage, easy bookings, etc. The more your customers find your UberMoto clone app friendly the more they are going to use it. 

 Technical requirements

Technical specifications are equally important while building a bike-sharing clone app for your business. Decide on which platform to build your app – Native one/cross platform.  Also, you need to figure out, whether you need to launch it on the PlayStore/App store or both. What kind of layout and navigation you wish to design in your app and so on. Make sure the user-interface is not confusing. The ride-booking workflow should be easy.

Prominent Features To Integrate Into Your UberMoto Clone App

Easy booking

Remember to have the work-flow to book the ride has to be easy and quick. The complex navigation will make your customer lose interest in your app. Easy to understand and fewer steps to book.

GPS enabled maps

How will it look when the driver is lost on the way to pick your customer? Let’s say, they are stuck in a traffic jam eventually delaying the customer to reach his/her destination. – bad impression right!

Having integrated GPS map minimizes such hassles. The customers are aware of the estimated time of their drivers and the driver too reaches the location, without any hassle using the GPS map. It is a must-have thing in your UberMoto clone app.

Book for someone else

The bike-sharing solution app lets you book the ride for others. All it requires setting the pick up and drop location and share the ride details with the rider. 

Feedback & reviews

This helps you improve your app performance by working on a negative remark. Also, the customer will feel that you have heard them thus, it makes them feel cared for by working and improving on the remarks. 

How UberMOTO Clone App Works?

  • The user will download the app from the iOS or Android store and register using a social media account. 
  • The user will then have to enter the pickup location and drop location which will show an estimated time and fare prices.
  • Once the user confirms the ride. Makes the payment, the notification is sent with the driver details including their name, photo, details of the motorbike.  
  • uberMOTO clone app will have their drives drive with necessary safety precautions thus will come equipped with an extra helmet for the riders.
  • Once the trip ends, it sends an invoice along with the tip facility if the customer wishes to pay using multiple payment options like credit/debit card, Wallet, Google Pay, etc.

Developing UberMoto Clone App For Bike Sharing Solution

Convinced? Feel confident to pour your money into an on-demand bike-sharing solution, choose a professional white-label app development company to build your UberMoto clone app. 

UberMoto clone app is a ready-made bike-sharing clone solution available that makes it easy to launch your business in as quick as 7 days. The clone script is the sure-shot thing that comes at an economical price compared to what you spend building an entirely new app right from the scratch. 

When you approach an app development company, make sure to get a live demo to conclude if you are okay buying a white-label UberMoto clone app. Also, you go for customized features giving your on-demand business a competitive advantage over your competitors.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.