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According to tons of surveys, it has been reported that about 15 – 20% of the world’s population survives every day with some of the other forms of disability. While the numbers may be changing from time to time, the condition of people with these conditions still remains the same. Many normal people feel they are different and this mentality needs to be changed. With this objective, Uber has introduced Uber for disabilities, which has turned out to be a blessing for all these, especially challenged humans.  Quite evident, this is a service that serves the disabled niche to travel without any hassle.

How to Start the Uber for disabilities app service

If you want to launch an app for this service, here is how you need to go about it:

  1. Reach out to a third party vendor who has the legal access and copyrights to Uber soft wares. This will help them create the app and website on your behalf.
  2. Tell them your requirements. They developers will customize your on demand app as per as your needs. But before request for app customization, you will have to undertake good research by stepping into the market. By knowing all the grooves and ridges, you will be able to make a better request for the customization of your app.
  3. Download and test the standard app from the app store and see if you want any customization made for your business.
  4. Discuss with the app service provider for the best and preferred languages and currencies you want to set up the app in.
  5. Once the user interface is set and you like it, provide the app service provider with your server, play store, and logo details.
  6. The app service provider will launch the app for you in the play stores you selected. Apple and Android should surely be there on your list.

What’s more, your app and website will be ready for immediate use. The best part is that you can start earning commissions immediately for each ride that you get through the app.

Components of this wonderful App

When you place an order with a standard app service provider, you should be getting the following components built into your package:

  • A website with easy to use interface
  • Customer iOS and Android app
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Taxi for disabilities Service Provider iOS and Android app
  • Taxi for disabilities Service Provider Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to administrate the working of the app

Key Features of the Uber App that the service provider will offer

A good app service provider will provide you will the following features:

Currency and Language Support:

You should be able to get the system in your local language and currency. It is easier for you to understand every option as well as the information provided to you in the app. Same with currency, if the currency will be of another country than you won’t be able to do online payment with such an ease. And if the payment is somehow possible then you have to do a long calculation before making a payment.

Potential Customer View:

Service provider should be able to have a holistic view of customer booking patterns which will help them to decide the time that brings in maximum customers. All overall customer view allows the service provider to view all the basic information about the customer. This can help service provider to offer the customer the best service. If the customer is regular visitor and is loyal to the services, the service provider can give the rider free discount rides.

Payment Method:

Your clients should be able to choose if they want to pay by card or cash. A good service provider shall be able to provide you with multiple payment options. Multiple payment modes can be the cash at the time of reaching customer’s dropping off location. Or else, online payment modes i.e. net banking, debit card or through credit cards. Multiple payment methods are important because there are customers who prefer paying cash and some consider paying through online payment modes.

Real-Time Tracking:

The app should have real-time tracking for the ride that is booked by customer’s app. This option will help out the customers to know the accurate reaching time of ride to their location.

Many times it happens when a customer do not know the correct address of dropping location. Here, real-time tracking feature can help the customer to know on which route he/she is heading to.

Booking facilities:

The client should be able to book a service at a time or schedule it for a later. Booking facilities allow customer to book a ride at their desired time. For example, if a rider’s flight is delayed by 3 hours so he/she can book a ride that will arrive to the pickup location an hour before the rider’s flight. So that he/she reaches to their destination point right on time.

Marketing Feature:

Your app should have the promo code and referral feature so that service provider can get more customers quickly by adding and editing promotions based on their marketing strategies. Providing discount offer and promo codes strategically attracts customer and these offers are also beneficial for customers in saving their travelling charges.


While these are some tips that you must keep in mind while selecting a service provider for your Uber for Disabilities app, don’t hesitate to do your own research. This app has been having wonderful responses, so get one for yourself in a city where the demand is high and see how your investment yields good benefits.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.