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Video projects can be beneficial to any business and any marketing team, but they can be overwhelming to the employee who is in charge of making the film. If you are that staff member, you may become confused about how to edit, what to incorporate, or even what the theme should be. If you are just starting, or if you become too stressed out, you may not create the level of video that you were hoping for. Do not worry though, as the five simple tricks below are sure to help you create the video project of your company’s dreams.

1. Draft an Outline and Storyboard

If you think back to when you were in school, you probably remember having to craft an outline for your research project or any other assignment. In the real world, drafting an outline can help you organize your ideas for the video so that you can remove ideas you do not need before the edit. After you have a general idea, craft a storyboard of the images you want to portray in the content of your video to tell a story. You can take photographs of your ideas or even draw them out, whatever way helps you to visualize the content the way you like.

2. Use White Balance and Composition Techniques

When you create a video, you likely will have real footage at some point incorporated into it. Start by considering the composition so that all of your shots are visually appealing by using a technique called the rule of thirds. You want your main subject to be in one of the intersections when you consider the video screen as if it is on a grid. After this, make sure that your video is appropriately white-balanced so that the discoloration does not distract from the message you want to give.

3. Incorporate Animation

Visual content is the best way to tell your story to the world as customers are drawn to this type of content. To take it one step further, incorporate some type of animation into your video that is visually attractive and helps your story make sense. Put in demo reel animation, for instance, if you want to describe how one of your products works or how to sign up for a specific feature. If you would rather, you can even make the entire video animated so that you have a relatable story that is still cute and fun.

4. Consider if You Need Music

Most video producers rush to add music to their videos when it is not always necessary. If you do decide to add music, make sure it meets the theme that you are trying to represent in the video. If you are going for something sentimental to pull at the emotional heartstrings of your customers, go for a light and melodious sound. For something that is more fun and enjoyable, look for music that is upbeat, happy, and fresh so that your customers will have a smile on their faces.

5. Minimize the Effects and Transitions

If you have worked in any video editing software before, you likely know that they are full of a multitude of effects and transitions. Do not overuse how many of these you put in your video as they can be distracting and tacky. Do not use any of the cheesy ones either those that dissolve into a star or those that turn the entire screen into a spinning motion. If you want to use effects, stick with cross dissolves, dips to white, dips to black, and any other that are simple and non-obvious.

Final Thoughts

A video is a great way to attract customers and give them new visual content that they will feel drawn to. Make sure that any content you create is clearly understood and attractive to your customers without too many distracting features present. Make sure that any reel footage is properly exposed and that any animations are made with care so that they look to be well done. This is sure to bring new people to your business, especially after you share the videos throughout the web and even on your social media pages for others to enjoy.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.