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Roadside assistance is something that everyone with a vehicle has thought about or needed at some point in their lives. If you have a vehicle, chances are that you have been in a position where you needed roadside assistance. But times today have changed massively from earlier. Now, there is no need for people to run panicked from pillar to post looking for someone who can get them a tow truck and bring them and their vehicles back home. The modern age has a beautiful weapon called mobile apps. As more and more people have started depending on technology for all their needs, it is becoming increasingly evident that people with technical know-how are coming up with newer and more powerful solutions that cater to every kind of field. on demand roadside assistance or tow truck app is such a blessing.

These apps are not just the easiest ways for users to find roadside assistance with the help of their smartphones, but also the best kind of business opportunity for non-technical people that can utilize the digital wave.

Starting your own business with Tow Truck App

There’s more to it than meets the eye. Often, we think if we have a big idea, there’s no way we won’t succeed in the business. On other occasions, we are beguiled by the notion that if there is a good amount of demand, a business has to be successful.

What we often forget to address is the fact that if there is a lot of demand for it, why hasn’t anyone explored it as a business opportunity yet? It may be good for people but is it a commercially viable option? Can you actually make money by it?

Once you understand that you have to first check the legal features associated with it. To launch, begin and conduct any business you will need the proper licensing and permits. These permits are usually released by state and local government. You can do this by getting in touch with your local government offices. Make sure you get it right in the first go because legal hassles can be expensive and time-consuming. It will also be helpful to outline the scope of your business. Keep in mind all the expansions that you might plan to do in the future.

How to Plan?

Planning to enter the business of on demand tow truck applications? Well, here are some of the most important features that your app must have if you want your business to be an absolute success.

Registration procedure

The registration procedure should be absolutely simple and must require only minimum details to be put in by the user as well as the service providers. Details such as name, email and phone numbers should be sufficient.

List and Requests

Customers should be able to view a comprehensive list of all the service providers who are willing to offer towing services in the area asked of the moment the requirement is posted on the app. The service providers, on the other hand, must be given the request with the option of accepting or rejecting the requests. This will make the app user-friendly for both parties.

Pinpointing location

One of the most important features of your tow truck app has to be the ability of your customers to share their location with the service providers on a map. Sometimes, the place where they are stranded may not have a landmark for them to explain. This is where a pinpointed location on the map can be very useful.

Price information

Customers should be able to get all the pricing related details can get more details before they make the booking.

Easy and hassle-free payments

It is important to offer your customers the ability to pay without any troubles. Most apps these days offer multiple options such as payment via Cash, Card or in-app Wallets.

These are the most important features that any user will look for in your app. The market today is user-centric If you don’t offer maximum comfort to your user, someone else will do it. And that someone else will get your customers loyalty as well.

The best way to proceed with such a market is to study a prototype. Either research an existing business or if you are the innovator yourself, study carefully the requirements of the users. Make sure that the company you form or represent is the only one that people can think of when they need any kind of roadside assistance.

On the whole

Although we would all love to be Cosmo Kramer, the practical issues of life need preparation. Your app can be a solution for millions of people across the world. Whether someone wants assistance because their car broke down or whether they were involved in an accident, your tow truck app can help them get by.

There is definitely a demand for this service. The industry is literally waiting for someone to set the sage and begin this business to help carve a niche. As with most industries whoever comes first is the winner, and so, perhaps entering this venture is the right thing to do for you.

It is although of vital importance significance that you test the waters before you take the plunge. Understand the dynamics of the business and the amount you are ready to invest. Do not over commit to yourself. The worst promises to break are the ones that we make to ourselves. Take your time and if you feel it’s the right thing to do, build your own app.

However, just building an app isn’t the solution if you really want to be successful. There are many companies offering these apps for sale, but when you buy an app with the intention of building a business on it, ensure that you avail features like free bug support, post-sales service, SEO services and so on and so forth. This will ensure that you can make maximum returns on minimum investments with your tow truck app.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.