Top Artificial Intelligence Platforms

Businesses today work with the sole intention to make sure the cost they incur in terms of production remains low at all times. This has especially been made easier thanks to new technological innovations. Today with technology spreading its wings far and wide it comes as no surprise. Thus wherever you may set your eyes upon one or the other technological innovation shall be there to surprise you or capture your attention.

One latest technological trend doing the rounds is artificial intelligence.

Discerning the Innovative World of Artificial Intelligence

If we define artificial intelligence in very simple language it is a branch of science that involves data getting entered into the machine so as to support the machine interact with the data and thereupon provide quick results to help businesses offer quick as well as prompt services.

So now that you know the definition of artificial intelligence. Let us now know the usefulness of this technology that has led to for being adopted by more businesses globally.

Intuitive Nature of Top Artificial Intelligence Platforms for Businesses

  • Helps in converting speech to text in a reasonably smooth manner
  • Makes it a smooth process to detect objects in a particular media, for example, identifying a car, a woman, etc
  • Accelerates spam filter process
  • Easily creates a recommendation system for customers. This includes portals like shopping, food, music, etc

So in short through all these factors you can identify thus the technology is very useful in nature for any business irrespective of the services they offer.

As mentioned earlier businesses today make sure to keep their services unique so as to attract customers faster, this has thereby led to the creation of artificial intelligence platforms that are being incorporated by every major entrepreneur in the solution they build. Hence ensuring that the services offered through the solution are unique.

Here are some platforms that businesses rely upon for their mobile apps today.

Artificial Intelligence Platforms Useful for Mobile App Development

  • Google Cloud Production AI – This platform supports new ventures to successfully build machine learning models. The models ready to use. Additionally, combine with the infrastructure, the API or application program interface and data services.
  • Tensor Flow – It is a friendly open source library. Utilized for numerical calculations. Thus, making the process easy to learn.
  • Amazon SageMaker – A fully-managed service, Amazon SageMaker supports both. The developer as well as the data scientist quickly build, train as well as deploy machine learning model. Thus reducing the barriers usually plaguing developers when they consequently wish to utilize machine learning so as to say.

Apart from the platforms mentioned above, other popular AI platforms utilized the process of mobile app development include IBM Watson Studio, BP Logix BPMS, and Pega Platform to name a few. Thus, these have considerably enhanced mobile apps and their performance. Furthermore, it supports the business to offer unique services to the customer.

By Anurag Rathod

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