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There is a potential revenue of $693 billion ahead of mobile app development in 2021. That’s why both beginner and professional app developers are following the trends to create successful apps.

As the number of mobile apps is increasingly high they compete to attract new users and retain the existing ones. This means that mobile app users should be served well with professionally developed apps catered to their needs.

But making the best app is not enough for its success, and you as a developer should follow the trends as well. Let’s discuss the technological changes that are likely to revolutionize mobile apps in 2021:

AI-based Apps

AI or artificial intelligence is reaching advanced levels in 2021 at a rapid pace. Popular apps like Siri, Google Assistant, and Replica are among the existing AI-based apps.

The integration of AI and Machine Learning (ML) in mobile apps is going to increase this year. Most of these apps would be emerging in the marketing, customer service, and fintech sectors.

One of the applications of AI and ML in customer service is conversational IVR or conversational interactive voice response. It disrupts the conventional ways of customer service and provides companies with self-service solutions for their customers.

Sooner or later an increasing number of app companies are going to integrate this tech into their apps. Android and iOS app development in Australia companies creating AI and ML-based apps in 2021 can attract users and lead the competition.

Wearable Apps

Wearable apps are another app development trend in 2021, expecting to reach $929 million in revenue. Wearable apps are the software that connects gadgets to users’ mobile devices for different purposes.

Smartwatches and fitness bands, smart glasses, and smart accessories are among the gadgets that require a mobile app to connect.

These wearable gadgets can collect user data for specific purposes like tracking health status, exercise, etc. They also provide access to data on the users’ mobile devices on gadgets, such as reading and composing text messages.

Developing wearable apps is among the top trends of app development in 2021.

5G Apps

5G-enabled mobile devices are emerging and 5G apps are also on their way in 2021. There are predictions that 5G technology will cause the fourth industrial revolution in the world. 

Many existing and newcomers to the app development world consider enabling a 5G connection on their apps. The low latency in 5G connections will disrupt streaming service mobile apps. 

The video calling and social media apps will also see a great change after the 5G technology penetration in the world. The history of social media shows how different connection technologies affect the development of social media apps.

AR-based Apps

AR which stands for augmented reality enables the rendering of 3D images and animations on real-world objects. AR technology will change the future of many entertaining and educational apps. So, AR-based apps are the 2021 trend for mobile app developers.

Instant Apps

Instant apps are another trending area in mobile app development in 2021. These types of apps won’t need to be downloaded on Google Play for Android users.

They differ from mobile websites and can run from the internet without the need for any of the device resources.

This technology is very useful for both app developers and users, as many users remove apps to free up space on their devices.

There are some Android instant apps available at the moment including Onefootball, Evino, Buzzfeed, to name a few.

Blockchain Apps

Blockchain is disrupting many sectors with its unique advantages to the conventional ways of doing things. It offers decentralization, high security, trust, and privacy. The market value of blockchain technology is predicted to be about $10 billion.

Blockchain changes many things and app development is one of them. Blockchain apps will have a greater share in the app stores in 2021 forward.

You can develop exchange, mobile wallet, or trading automation apps for the cryptocurrency trading area. Another idea is to develop Dapps, also known as decentralized apps, based on blockchain technology.

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