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With the advancement in diseases, there is a shortage of efficient medical services across the globe. Lesser people are having access to specialized medical services leading to Technology has led to advances and researches in medical diagnosis. It is further exploring the way of connecting with medical assistance. Connecting to the doctor is easy with the doctor’s on-demand app. You can access the services of specialized doctors across the globe with these doctor on-demand services. These on-demand apps provide a list of expert doctors to cater to the medical needs of different sections. Let us explore more details about how to develop a doctor on-demand app.

Opportunities in the Healthcare/ Telemedicine Market:

Healthcare is a susceptible sector that can’t be considered as a general business market. Thus, exploring the healthcare or telemedicine market opportunities for doctor on-demand app should never compromise quality services and standards. Further, the main opportunities in the healthcare and telemedicine market are from the following areas:

Ideal for elderly persons for easy access: The telemedicine market is getting certified medical practitioner’s service online without visiting the clinics. Telemedicine covers the primary medical services, consultation, and medicine supply. It is highly beneficial for elderly patients and can’t reach the location for medical services. Thus, there are immense opportunities for providing support to elderly and specially-abled persons.

Patients requiring regular medical services: Many patients lack regular medical services that lead to the severity of diseases. Hence, your doctor’s on-demand services app can be helpful to improve patient’s health at no additional costs. You can explore the opportunities to get in touch with the patients that are looking for regular medical consultation at affordable prices. Keeping a record of the patient’s medical history is further helpful in providing the right medical guidance to patients from any corner of the world.

Providing medical services at the blink of a click: Many areas in the world still lack efficient medical services. Many countries have raised these issues on global platforms to ensure basic healthcare facilities for all. A doctor’s on-demand app can leverage the internet potential in connecting these remote areas to health professionals from another corner of the globe. Thus, launching your doctor’s on-demand app in such areas that have deprived healthcare facilities can be beneficial.

A quick chart supporting the increasing opportunities for doctor on-demand app with the main factors is mentioned below.

Some Popular Doctor on-Demand Apps:

Doctor on demand

The “doctor on demand” promises to provide total virtual care with 24*7 accesses to psychiatrists, therapists, doctors, psychologists, and other medical experts. Patients can reach the top medical fraternity from their smartphones, computers, or tablets. Further, the “doctor on demand” app is a covered benefit for over 98 million Americans under health plans or employer health insurance.

It specializes in urgent care, behavioral health, preventive health, and chronic care. They take professionals with at least 15+ years of medical experience and enjoy an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. “Doctor on demand” aims to improve global health in the coming future.


ZocDoc claims to provide accessible healthcare to all persons seeking medical care. It has excellent primary care data, dentists, dermatologists, psychiatrists, eye doctors, obstetrics, and gynae medical professionals. It has a specific location-wise search for quick filters to reach nearby medical specialists.

The specialized team of ZocDoc has more than 300+ years of expertise in the medical line. It is backed by some great investors who have excellent community standards and ensures top-level data privacy. It is further impaneled with several top insurance carriers like Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana Dental, etc.


HealthTap provides instant urgent care or ongoing primary care at the best value with or without insurance. It has a decade-long year of experience in providing real-time access to affordable yet high-quality healthcare to all needy patients. It is easy to set up a free account on HealthTap and then move to basic and prime memberships according to requirements.

It further accepts more than 100 insurance plans, including Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, etc. HealthTap is independently tested, certified, accredited, and audited. This on-demand medical services app allows 24*7 digital access to the patient’s records. There are no worries about data security with HealthTap.


Medici claims to be the only telemedicine solution for all medical needs of multiple patients. It provides HIPPA-complaint and end-to-end virtual care by overcoming the challenges of video call schedules. It provides multi-patient management and seamless EHR integrations for easy connections throughout the globe.

Medici has strict security standards like SOC2 Type 2, VCPR, and HIPAA compliances. It is a flexible platform that creates a better experience and better communication. Medici’s unique features include private business phone numbers, secure voice, video consultations, group chat capabilities, signed BAA, text translation, clinical workflow management, etc. It is an easy-to-use Medici app.


MDLIVE promises to bring broad-certified doctors to treat different diseases quickly. They have the best medical experts, behavioral experts, and dermatologists with over 80 common medical conditions. It provides cheap medical consultation and is easily accessible.

It has excellent reviews of 99% customer satisfaction. MDLIVE has great quality healthcare with quality doctors. Like other popular doctor on-demand apps, 15+ years of state-licensed and board-certified doctors. Further, all MDLIVE consultants are caring, compassionate, experts, and caring virtual medical consultations.

Tech Stack Required for Doctor On-demand App:

The essential list of tech stack requirements for any doctor’s on-demand app includes:

  • Front-end Development: Java, CSS, HTML, Angular, React, Swift, etc.
  • Back-end Development: Laravel, Node.js, Python, etc.
  • Payment Processing: Stripe API, Braintree SDK, PayPal API, and other e-wallets.
  • Location Tracking: Google Maps ADK for Android, MapKit Framework for iOS, etc.
  • Push Notifications, In-app Messaging, and SMS: Twillo,, Batch, etc.
  • Popular Platforms: IOS, Web Application, Android, etc.
  • Database: Cassandra, HBase, Postgress, MongoDB, etc.
  • Cloud Environment: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Cisco, Spark, IBM, Google Maps API, BigData, Hadoop, Apache Flink, etc.
  • Social Login: Google, Twitter API, Facebook, etc.

How Much Time Does It Take to Build A Doctor On-Demand App?

Good things take time, but a doctor’s on-demand app promises not to consume enough time. However, different apps for online medical services require specific time depending on what’s inside the app. Some other factors that determine the time required to build a doctor appointment booking app are:

  • Features and functionalities of the doctor on-demand app.
  • Technologies required building the doctor appointment booking app.
  • The complexities are expected in the development of different doctor on-demand app.
  • The strength of the team taking care of your online medical services app determines the time required to create it.

You may go for an MVP version of your doctor’s on-demand app in few weeks and then can go for a full-fledge app in few months. Thus, the doctor’s on-demand app doesn’t have any specialized time frame for web development and getting live.  It all depends on the requirements and the experts behind it.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Doctor Appointment Booking App?

A doctor appointment booking app is helpful for independent practitioners and specialized hospitals. However, many service providers may doubt the costs of developing a doctor appointment booking app.

First of all, the cost depends on the essential features you’re looking for in any doctor appointment booking app. All apps are not the same, and hence, the costs are directly proportional to the expected app’s quality.

The different other factors that affect the cost of developing a doctor on-demand app are:

  • App design and layouts
  • App usage and performance
  • Compatibility on multiple platforms
  • Geographical location
  • Estimated scalability for future scope

Taking the help of doctor on-demand app experts helps you optimize these features n the least possible costs to generate something useful for the communities. Their expertise in the same niche apps helps you to understand the difference between desired and preferable features.

The medical profession is unarguably one of the highly respected professions. Thus, any doctor appointment booking app needs to be cost-effective and a return-on-investment at all times. However, the range varies from 54,000 dollars to 84,000 dollars for MVP and full-fledged versions of any on-demand app.


Doctor on-demand app is a must in today’s age. The challenging times of pandemic further create immense opportunity for telemedicine. The old patients and specially-abled don’t need to wait for long durations before getting medical advice. Thus, developing a doctor’s on-demand app makes it easy for doctors and patients.

Creating a doctor’s on-demand app is easy. It has excellent return-on-investment for the developers and owners. By using the best ways to monetize your doctor’s on-demand app, you can take it to the next level along with connecting the world for medical services. All you need is detailed technical guidance and experienced developers to realize an excellent doctor on-demand app’s potential.

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