Top 6 free social media management tools for 2022

As the strategies are changing & moving faster, it is important to manage all your social media activities efficiently. By using free social media management tools for small businesses, you can easily streamline all your social media activities into one place by using this list of the Top 5 free social media management tools for 2022.

1.  Later

If you have ever tried to schedule your social media posts on a daily basis, you know how quickly it can get out of control. It does not matter if you own one business or several, if you are managing your own accounts, have employees running your accounts or specialize in social media marketing – being able to efficiently create and post content across all of the networks is one of the most challenging aspects of social media.

Later has been completely adopted by Instagram businesses from all niches from restaurants to fitness gyms, and has even been used by celebrities. If you do not know how to use it, there are many companies that provide Best SMO Packages India, they help you to grow your business by using these tools.

2. TweetDeck

Social media is not an easy thing to manage. You have to be on the lookout for what users are saying about you socially. This is why it might be best to use a social media management tool, which will allow you to keep track of what is being said about your business without the need to log into each social media account separately.

TweetDeck offers you the possibility to monitor all your social media in one single app. Furthermore, with TweetDeck you can use multiple accounts. In addition, you can develop your own columns with the tools available on Facebook, Facebook Ads, MySpace or LinkedIn. Beside that, you can use the same buttons if you are using Google Analytics, Google AdWords or Seer. SMM company in India can help you in using it.

3. Canva

As an entrepreneur, you are probably aware that content marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. Canva is the next step up in terms of quality for when you need images for your Facebook Business Page, Instagram account, blog posts or email campaigns.

Not only does it give you the tools to create stunning visuals in minutes, but you can also create memes and collages in case these kinds of visuals come in handy when promoting your business online.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an extensive social media management tool with numerous features and ways to schedule across multiple accounts. Hootsuite was acquired by the same company as Buffer, and many users love it for how easy it can make your online marketing life.  It offers an extremely affordable pricing plan, has an intuitive interface, and allows you to schedule posts so your brand or company’s accounts are always active.

5. Buffer

Buffer offers an easy to use, web-based social media management system. You can create lists of your favorite sites and schedule posts at a time that best suits you and they will be synced across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn automatically. Try it and watch your likes and followers grow.

Buffer is a social media-scheduling tool. During the week, you simply log onto your favorite platforms and interact as usual. You can tag friends, reply to comments on tweets, and engage as much as you want.

6. ContentCal

We all know that managing a social media account is a full-time job in its own. Whether you’re simply trying to grow your audience, to achieve top ranking in search results, or if you’re running a brand-new startup and need to get the word out.

ContentCal is a useful charting tool that helps marketers schedule their content on multiple social media channels. Its intuitive interface allows you to manage your Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts from a single control panel.