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Have you ever read a Visual Service blog post and thought “I don’t understand what they’re saying “? Most likely, yes, since sometimes we use very Anglo-Saxon terms or some that, if you are not very into video marketing, are not well understood.

Today we come to solve this problem with this dictionary of video marketing for dummies. In it we will collect all the terms that we use on the blog so that you can understand their meaning and do not have to be lost while you read our articles.

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Automatic playback of a video without having to click on it. For example, we can see it in the advertising on Twitter or Facebook and in the different videos of the Vine social network.


Images that appear in the descriptions of YouTube videos within the main page or when you do a search. They are important because if they are optimized they increase the number of clicks and views.


Words that users use daily to find information related to their interests. They are the words that must be used to position a video on YouTube or Google and that help the user to feel identified with the advertisement or video in question.


Online advertising tool designed to impact users who have already visited a specific website or page. For example, if someone visits one of your products in an online store, you could show them that product through advertising on Adwords, Facebook or Twitter.


Marketing technique that uses storytelling to increase the desire or demand for a product or service. Stories are created in which the user feels identified and that facilitate the understanding of everything shown in the video.


Organic search engine positioning techniques (mainly Google and YouTube) through which it is intended to appear in the top positions for different searches. For example, if you had a birthday party company, your goal would be to appear among the top positions for the search “birthday parties” and derivatives of that expression.


Paid advertising on Google and YouTube through which you manage to impact users related to your theme. For example, you would appear at the top or right of Google for a search related to your business or when someone was to watch a video of similar interest.


YouTube advertising system in which the video ads are inserted in different sections of the website. The different types are as follows:

  • TrueView In-Stream:  Appears at the beginning or during a video.
  • TrueView In-Slate:  Plays at the beginning of videos longer than 10 minutes and allows you to choose between an ad to view from three different options.
  • TrueView In-Search – Appears when searching within YouTube and displays various promoted videos at the top similar to Google search advertising.
  • TrueView In-Display:  appears on top of related videos and automatically plays while you are watching related videos.


Video marketing is the use of videos to promote brands, companies, products or services and to increase sales, brand awareness or meet any objective of the company’s video marketing production in Dubai strategy.


Video designed to show what a company is like and give an image of trust and closeness to any possible visitor to the website or person interested in the company, its products or its services.


Video created to show all the benefits and ways of using a service or product, with the aim of increasing demand for it. It is increasingly used by startups to easily explain what they are and why they should be used.


Advertising campaign carried out through email by sending a video. Emails are sent to people interested in your business with a video that should convince them to carry out whatever action you have in mind (register on a website, buy a product, hire a service,).

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.