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Tools to Track Work Progress Online for Home Based Jobs:

Tools to Track Work Progress Online for Home Based Jobs:

The use of remote workers is becoming more popular. Not only did many businesses rapidly transition to remote work after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but many of those businesses have opted to maintain the structure going forward. It’s impossible to tell how the remote workers are still operating, as many companies have discovered. You can monitor where your workers are working and how long they expend on each job with the right software, so you’ll want to balance the benefits and drawbacks before introducing any new procedures. Such services are mainly offered by then Use this link for best employment services in Dubai.

What is Remote Employee Monitoring?

Employee tracking provides workers with insight into their workers’ behavior and success through a variety of automated technologies. Employers will observe how workers spend their time each day using different types of software. You may use this technology to keep track of the employees’ computing activities, such as the places they access, the applications they run, and the files they save.

Other software, such as GPS mapping, will detect where workers are physical during the day. Both of these techniques can be used to analyze employee behavior and recognize the efficiency and privacy concerns, allowing you to make smarter business decisions. Continue reading for seven tools to keep the team on track.

Tools to track work progress of employees:

We asked seven entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council to share their best applications for monitoring the time remote workers spent on their tasks to help you keep track of your workforce productivity. Their recommendations are as follows:

1.   Time Doctor:

Time Doctor is the best method on the market for monitoring time for remote workers, according to the experts. It also has screen capture, needed work hours, and all the other features you’d expect from a time-tracking program.

2.   Roadmap:

Everyone started monitoring time for their in-house team because the project management Roadmap program was so helpful in tracking time for our remote workers! Productivity increases. And also has the return on trackable time spent by the staff. It has been essential to the company’s success.

3.   Tick:

For years, the remote team uses Basecamp to manage project-based work with great results. They recently expanded the offerings to include hourly consultation. TickSpot [now Tick] has been a big support in not just keeping track of time but also making sure tasks remain on track. It interacts directly with Basecamp, allowing the team members to see how close they are to completing the project in real-time.

4.   Timely:

Many have tried a lot of time-tracking tools, but Timely has proven to be the most successful for all and their team so far. The GUI is basic and easy to use, and you can manage your time per project. The best part is that if a worker forgets to stop the timer on a job, you’ll get an automatic reminder that the clock is still ticking. You should go in and make whatever changes you want. It is simply the finest.

5.   Hive Desk:

Hive Desk is an excellent tool for tracking remote workers, with features like random screen sampling, check-in/check-out, and simple timesheets. It also takes automatic screenshots of the employee’s screen to know about their work. It monitors the screen as per the required tie interval. The essential feature is that you can even assign a manager to check their team workflow. Hence, if you have teams and sub-teams monitoring access can be given to more than one person.

6.   Google Forms and Sheets:

All the companies keep track of their part-time and remote employees using Google Sheets. They have created straightforward surveys that people fill out regularly, outlining their hours and the jobs they’ve done. They can see results and budget for the coming weeks since they have combined them into one file. It also has the advantage of being simple; there is no time spent studying a new method.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring Software:

Investing in remote control tools for your business has many advantages. You will assess your team’s work ethic and secure your company by keeping a close eye on the documents that leave your network, in addition to tracking employee morale with tools like keystroke and website monitoring apps. Other advantages of using remote monitoring tools include:

·     Improves Efficiency:

Some remote employee tracking program lets you see how long workers spend working on a project or watch their success over time. You will use the information you gather to see if there are any opportunities to increase employee productivity by changing how they operate.

·     Support personal Decisions:

What you learn from employee tracking apps will help you make informed choices regarding keep the worker or not. Knowing how workers spend their time each day will help you determine whether or not they belong in your company and whether or not they can be assigned more responsibilities.

·     Protects Privacy:

Employee surveillance tools can assist in the protection of classified information. If the company’s sensitive data is hacked, employee tracking tools will help you figure out who took it and why, as well as who they sent it to. Use this link to know more.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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