UX designer

User Experience or UX refers to the interaction and experience that people or users possess with products and services of a company. It also includes research for learning positive and negative points connected to an experience. One can use those learnings for making improvements that can lay positive impact on experiences of users.

Example: Let’s take ordering food online and pickup delivery. Here, the UX refers to the interactions of the users with placing their respective order on a particular company’s website. Moreover, it adds to the users’ in-store experience related to order pick up along with their level of satisfaction associated to the food.

Let’s look at User Interface:

User Interface refers to the distinct asset related to users’ interaction.

Example: UI can efficiently associate with traditional concepts which include particular visual design elements like typography, color, etc. Also, it handles screen functionality and other unorthodox systems such as voice-based concepts. 

If we take the same example of food order, then we can say that UI focuses on the visual design of the particular screen that is connected to the interaction of users. It includes the color for making order button and its exact place on the page. Moreover, it includes any interfaces that have the possibility to assimilate with users in store.

Know about the role played by a UX designer:

Usually, companies who are going online know that good design always has a competitive advantage. They are investing heavily on it. Again, they are also paying good for crucial resources that help in generating superb user experience. Hence, they hire a fine UX designer and pay according to his/her demand.

UX design is a vital and, you can say, obligatory way of product designing. UX designers mainly analyse the needs of target audience. They make sure that the firm is creating products for fulfilling those needs. Again, it is a multidisciplinary area where product research, testing, prototyping, ideation, and others are involved.

Combined role of UI/UX:

The definitions of UI and UX have several common things. There are multiple firms that consider UI and UX design as a single role. The task involves the user interaction’s conceptual part and forward it to the UI design. In naked eyes, it is a single individual doing both the jobs together.

Every role needs a particular set of strategic methods and skills. A single individual can have outstanding skills of UI and UX. But, the merge of disciplines can result in less focus on the precise design process.

If a designer continuously shifts from conceptual phase to final implementation, he or she has every chance to miss a crucial part that is much needed for the design.

Responsibilities of a UX designer:

  • The first and foremost responsibility is to understand users. It begins with thorough research for understanding audiences and their demands. UX designers should be empathetic. They must understand people’s emotions and latent needs.
  • The second responsibility is to create a proper design strategy. It must include making sense about a product’s purpose, create a logical approach.
  • The third is to analyse the proper design of interactions. It is a UX designer who must analyse the way people use certain products. Also, they must know people’s personal choices, interaction habits, and shortcuts they can use during interaction with UI.
  • Fourth responsibility is to create wireframes and prototypes. UX designers create prototypes and wireframes for forwarding their unique ideas to design team.

Responsibilities of a UI designer:

They must have skills related to visual design, graphic design, branding design, etc. for creating interfaces having great look and feel. UI designers take the UX designer created user flow and wireframes for separate pages or screens. Then, they convert it into something that has the capability of being aesthetically pleasing.

  • They give attention to details and try to make each tiny element perfect.
  • UI designers must have great skills for problem-solving.               
  • Next, they have the capacity to do competitive analysis of products and visual designs.
  • They make sure that the UI design appears great on all types of screen size as well as resolution.
  • Finally, UI designers work together with UX designers and engineers. They must have the communication skills that are required to acknowledge technical reasonableness.

Final Word

UI and UX design are related to each other in disciplines of design. But, they are also different in their own ways. UI primarily focuses on the design’s visual properties and the overall feel. UX mainly focuses on user experience.

Online business companies and services know that good design always has a competitive advantage. They are investing heavily on it, and quite justifiably so. But the importance of look and feel must go hand in hand with an extraordinary user experience. Otherwise, the entire website won’t stand up strong in this competitive market.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.