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7 Fastest-Growing Industries In Canada | MakehomeCanada

7 Fastest-Growing Industries In Canada | MakehomeCanada

With the aim to diversify for the betterment of the life of the citizens of Canada, many industries have seen steady growth such as the Canadian gold mining industry. Many new industries have also risen for this purpose. For the benefit of those who are looking to migrate to the Country of Maple Leaf or even gain permanent residence there, we have compiled a list of the industries that have seen the fastest growth in this country.


When it comes to the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the economy, Canada has made the most progress. People are skeptical of change, especially the fundamental form of currency. This is one of the main reasons cryptocurrency has found it difficult to gain acceptance from governments and banks. But that is not the case here.

Citizens of Canada did not take much time to adapt to this currency. In the KFC stores of Canada, customers have the option to make their meal purchases using bitcoin as the currency. Many businesses in Canada are also making changes to adapt to this new currency because it is fast and safe for customers to use. For this change to be a complete success, businesses are on the lookout for people with qualifications or work experience in the field of business technology.

Precious Metal Mining

From the year 2015 to the year 2020, The part of the mining industry involved with the extraction of precious metals has grown by a factor of 6.4. The economists predict that this growth will see a steady increase and will be centred around the selling of gold products as well as the mining of gold metal. The market value of gold has also seen an increase because it is a worthy investment.

People prefer investing in gold over stocks and shares or even in saving accounts because gold as a commodity is more stable. More than 180 tonnes of gold metal is mined by the gold mining industry of Canada every year. This is approximately 88% more than the golf mined a decade ago.


Globally, Canada ranked second when it came to the acceptance of cannabis for recreational purposes. Many investors had seen this for the opportunity that it was and invested in many growers of cannabis. This industry is yet to find its steady growth curve, but many experts are predicting that the time is not far off when the growth will see increased stability. 

About 1.5 million residents in Canada tried the use of cannabis as soon as it was introduced and that number has now grown to 7.5 million. This is a path for many businesses and jobs to be creed in this injury, which requires people involved in agriculture, marketing to the overall management of a business.


This industry has seen increased growth in all parts of the world. This has been triggered by the need for downloads, the desire for more convenience in less time, increased availability of vendors of e-commerce as well as cheaper deals being available online. Apart from having an impact in the retail industry and warehouses, the growth of his industry has also impacted the sector of logistics as well as led to job creation for delivery staff along with those involved in manufacturing.

Primary Care

Due to major improvements in the healthcare system, the average lifespan of a Canadian has extended. The workers involved in healthcare, as well as the professionals involved in caring for those who need long-term care, seem to enjoy job security today. The Canadian government has also introduced programs to welcome those immigrants in the country who have the knowledge to take care of the elderly population of the country.

Software Development

The Canadian IT industry is known to include some of the best in the industry, professionals as well as companies. With the pandemic making it difficult to continue with the conventional work environment,  remote working has started becoming the norm.

With more and more businesses adopting a remote working environment for the safety of their staff, there is a need for new software that will keep this transition efficient as well make long-distance working effective. Most of the people employed in the development of software have traditional qualifications, but this nature of the project will work even if you have an online course degree.

E-sports and video gaming

Esports is like conventional sporting events, where you enjoy a good game from your home, cheering for your favourite team or player. The difference here is that the players or teams are virtual, them being controlled by video gamers. There are arenas and stadiums today that host these sporting events for the benefit of the views and companies that manage the bets being made on the game.

There is also data of teams being sold to help even out the competition. Vancouver may also take advantage of the popularity of esports and host an esports game in an arena in the coming future.

In Brief

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