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You won’t be limited in your corporate selections if you wish to be a software developer. Many of the world’s largest corporations are on the lookout for software engineers.

So, how can you plan for a successful software development career? When you’re just getting started, what do you need to know?

From others who have traveled the route before us, we learned a number of pieces of advice for someone who wishes to join top software development companies.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

At Globoforce, Ronan O’Dulaing is the vice president of engineering. He believes that a desire to solve problems is essential for a successful career in software development. “Every day, you may start by practicing coding small programs,” he said.

“Choose issues to tackle, possibly connected to your house or other interests, and solve them using your preferred language (Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, or Scala).” There are several tutorials available online to help you get started.”

Learn Language By Heart

EY’s William Ho works as an innovative software developer. He believes that someone just starting out in their job should try out and study as many different languages as they can, because having a specialized skill set might limit future employment opportunities.

“It all depends on your subject of interest when it comes to languages.” If you’re doing web development, you could use a.NET language or PHP; if you’re doing native mobile, you could use Android or Swift; and if you’re doing object-oriented programming, you could use anything from Java, Python, Ruby, or C++,” he added.

Adapt, Change, Equalize

There is a learning curve in any career. Your abilities will develop as you advance. When it comes to software development, Zendesk engineer Jose Narvaez recommends focusing on three things: making it function, making it right, and making it quick.

“In other words, start with simple solutions and add the edge situations once the simpler solution has been proven to function. After you’ve checked that the results for all of your inputs are correct, assess performance and only then optimize.”

Focus on User

Alan Jue Liu of Deloitte feels that understanding what software is for is critical for someone who aspires to be a software engineer. “It’s to make people’s jobs simpler, so they can accomplish more,” he explained.

“When it comes to software design, simplify through distillation and simplify by thinking holistically. Improve your software by concentrating on the requirements of the people who will use, update, deploy, and interact with it.”

Start Development & Learn Along the Way

Gaining skills, self-learning, and self development are all important aspects of the software development industry. You should be proactive about your own learning, according to Donal Byrne, a software developer at Jaguar Land Rover.

“It’s not enough to get high grades in a relevant degree. Start making serious software now. “Apply what you’ve learnt,” he said.

Solve Problems

It’s crucial for a software developer to understand that it’s not their job to create code; it’s their duty to discover solutions to issues, according to Steven O’Kennedy, a technology architecture lead at Accenture.

“Knowing when to employ technologies or approaches, which are best for what, and what the trade-offs are as a developer will make you a better developer, more useful to your team, and more confident in your judgments.”

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By Anurag Rathod

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