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Software development is one of the emerging fields. Many young and talented people are opting the career of software development. Some take this field as fun and do the software development for sake of enjoyment. While there are many peoples, who are passionate and committed about software development. Well for any purpose you are doing software development, below-mentioned are few things which every software developer should know.

Quality code:

High quality code is important for better performance of apps. Software developer should know to write the quality code which is simple and easily understandable. Quality code ensures reliability and portability.


Nowadays, hacking is becoming the usual phenomena. Software developers must fully equip their code with the security measures. They should limit the access of their code to the potential users or officials they know.

Programming language:

Usually, a developer starts coding by learning one programming language at a time. It is beneficial for a software developer to be expert in diverse programming languages. It enables them to increase their coding skills.


There are many technological advancements coming with each passing day. There are many programming tools which a developer can use for easy and efficient coding. So a software developer should be aware of the latest tools coming in the programming field. These tools can be IDEs, text editors etc.

Break time:

People who work on computer all the day or programmers specifically can fell under pressure due to overwork. Breaks are necessary to refresh the mind because coding is all mind game. A software developer must schedule his/her time that when to take a break. It is recommended to take at least one hour break to relax your eyes and body when you feel tired. Otherwise excessive work will affect your performance.


In programming, you cannot trust your code entirely prior testing. Do not release your code before testing. Testing will reveal the errors or bugs if any and in this way you will be able to rectify the error before code gets release. Testing will make you confident on you code that it is working perfectly. You can consult professional tester to test your code.


Software developers and programmers are mostly considered knowledgeable but information technology is an ever emerging field. There is a high probability that you my encounter anything which you are not familiar with. So in this situation, consult the internet sources that include Get Hub, Google etc. If you have programmers or developers in your social circle, then must consult them for guidance.

Data structures:

There is no doubt in the statement that data structure is the key to learn programming. You must be familiar with the basic data structures that include sets, maps, lists etc. Algorithms are also essential part of learning programming. So make yourself with the data structures prior jumping into programming.

Advancement of career:

If you want to take programming as hobby then that is okay. Keep doing it. But If you want to make money out of your programming skills then you should be eager to learn about the advancements in the field. In this digital, there are many jobs requiring programmers and developers. You can easily get a job if you are a good developer. The mi issue in the developing or programming is the survival. You can survive as a developer or programmer only if you learn new languages, tools and keep modifying your skills. It is not a stagnant field like other fields. As the industry keeps on evolving, you have to evolve your skills side by side.


It is a common notion that developers like to stay alone due to nature of their work which is to some extent true. It is often observed that developers are requiring working in a team. In team work, communication skills are immensely required. So a software developer must know how to interact with other people, how to assign tasks, or how to ask for help etc. Apart from technical skills, a developer must work on acquiring soft skills as well.

Computer networking:

A software developer should have the knowledge about computer networking that deals with the communication between networks. This will enable a developer to know the technique about sending and receiving of data.

Compiler design:

Compilation is the process of translation of high level code to machine code in order to be understood by the CPU. In this way, software developer understands the design of programming language that enables a developer to optimize the code and debug it for the identification of errors.


It is important for a software developer to name the files, variables, methods, classes, functions and anything that requires name. The name should be relevant to the content and it must be descriptive. It does not suit a developer to give any random name. Name will make it easy to assess and understand the content.

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By Anurag Rathod

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