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How to choose a perfect travel agency software development company for travel business?

How to choose a perfect travel agency software development company for travel business?

With the increase in huge competition in the travel industry, Travel agency software has become the must have travel technology for all travel operators. Travel agency software acts as a catalyst for travel companies to always stay up in this fierce competition.

What is Travel Agency Software?

Travel agency software is one of the trending automated travel technologies which help in travel business management. It makes travel business processes efficient and reduces manual work by making entire business process automated with its automated features. 

But it is not as easy as it sounds because the correct choice of travel agency software can create wonders for travel companies but one wrong decision or bad choice can ask you to lose your business and your one time investment will be futile. So it brings our attention to the selection criteria for travel agency software and the company which provides us that software is travel agency software Development Company.  The same rule is applicable here; if you as a travel owner fail to choose right travel software Development Company for you, then all your valuable efforts and money will go waste. So as “Prevention is always better than cure”, here are some key points that should be considered before making a decision of choosing a travel agency software development company. Let’s dive deep right in.

Key Points to Empower Decision Making Process:

Is software fit to your requirement?

Even before thinking about the company that is offering the travel agency software, think about the software if it is fit to your travel company’s requirements. If the software itself is not capable of meeting your basic requirements, then the entire discussion ends here but yes if the software features are the one that travel agency software must have then go ahead with the company selection process.
Basic features that travel agency software must have are:

Enquiry Management (CRM):
Allows easy management of unlimited enquiries in efficient manner.

Follow up Management:
Allows easy follow up process of each and every enquiry received. Follow up feature includes entire communication with client’s right after enquiry is received till the tour is booked. It involves chat through email, SMS, alerts and reminders, notifications etc.

Multiple Supplier Management (B2B): Allows Easy management of multiple suppliers/ third party agents etc. with single login dashboard to given to suppliers.

Accounts & Finance Management: Allows auto generation of proforma invoice, receipts, final invoice, tax, balance sheet entries, P & L entries, cash book/ bank book entries, credit note, debit note etc. and makes the complicated process very easy and accurate.

In Build Itinerary: It comes with standard list of cities, countries, states and many more which reduces the effort of entering every minute detail in the itinerary section from travel agent side. 

Availability of Multiple Quotation Formats: As first impression is the last impression, Quotation creates the very first impression of Travel Company in front of the customers. Availability of multiple quotation formats allows travel agents to make a choice of perfect one depending upon the preference of particular customer.

Business Report Auto-Generation (MIS): This feature allows auto generation of business reports valuable to travel business such as tour report, accounts report, business report, HR report etc. which helps in business analysis and decision making process.

Business Promotion: Allows promoting special offers, discounts going on through what’s app chat, SMS or email.

In Depth Demonstration:

This is the most important criteria for the selection process. Before making a decision about choosing company make sure that company assures to provide in depth demo of the tour operator software. Nobody can make a big purchase before taking the insights of the product. Detailed demonstration of software will assure if it is worth purchasing or not but before that the way demo is given by the development company will boost your confidence about company selection criteria.

Is Customization Allowed?

Customization is very important factor. As different travel companies have different requirements on the basis of size and requirement of Travel Company, the standard software becomes difficult to use. So Development Company should be able to provide customization to the possible extent from their side which can create balance between standard model and customized version without having to disturb many other factors. 

Latest Technology:

Before selecting software Development Company, check if the company uses latest technologies to support current travel business demands. Check if the software supports cloud based system or a dedicated infrastructure is needed to host a system. Always prefer a company which is adaptable to latest technologies, so that the software stays up to date as per the current market scenario.

How is the post sale support?

“Support” the word itself relaxes us from our big worries. Support what we call as the customer service in other terms. Now imagine, after purchasing software, if you don’t receive on time support then it leaves a question mark on your face. It stops your further implementation right at that point, if the proper support is not given. So this becomes the most important parameter for company selection process. Make sure what kind of support is available. Ideally support should be multi-channel via Email support, Chat support, SMS support, Video support, User manual support etc.

Cost Parameter: 

Though it sounds the very important parameter in the purchase process, it should be considered the last option when you are done checking with all other parameters. The reason is though considering cost is important factor but if it is the one time investment cost then we need to think twice. Once cost can be compromised but not the quality of the product. If the cost is high but is giving quality features and performance in terms of software and it feels that the software is worth of mentioned cost then it is always a green signal for you to go ahead without any fear in the mind. As one time investment is always better than recurring cost.

Client Reviews:

This is the very obvious factor to consider for selection. Travel Company can go through the software development company’s website and look for client reviews or testimonials mentioned by old clients about the company. This will give you the assurance about the entire portfolio of the company. Reviews always serve as the greatest tool for selection criteria.

The Bottom Line: This is time to wrap up. Making right decision always matters, be it be personal or professional because it involves multiple tangible as well as intangible factors which undergoes this process. So by staying focused to above mentioned parameters, you as a travel company, travel agency, tour operator, travel agent can hope make right decision for selection of Development Company for travel agency software purchase. 

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