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Things are getting normal day by day and you can go outside for some fun with children. But, we are also hearing some bad news in the form of fourth wave of Coronavirus. It means we can also experience the same isolation and lockdown situation again. For kids, it is a tough period because physical activity is important for their health. As a wary parent, you must think about some active play toys so that you little ones can jump, bounce, dance, and perform in between activities. There is no doubt that kiddos are full of amazing energy and they love to perform active games. Indoor active toys are the perfect solution for your baby.

These toys help to increase their strength, coordination, and balance. We request parents to visit in order to get gain of Mamas and Papas discount Qatar so that they can buy some of the best active play toys without damaging their savings. Isn’t it a great deal? We have spent plenty of hours in searching the right toys. These toys are suitable for all ages from 8 months to 7 years.

Ladybird Balance Bug:

This toy is basically a wooden ride which consists of a handle, padded seat, and rotating wheels. You can call it a bicycle but in the form of a bug shape. The overall design is really cute your baby can ride this balance bug with the power of their legs. So, it is a good thing for their body. It comes in other shapes too like bumblebee, lion, and panda. It takes some self-assembly and holds up to 20kh weight. Your little one can enjoy ride in backyard, room, and lounge.

Melissa & Doug Cleaning Pretend Play:

This is a cleaning set that features a brush, broom, storage stand, mop, and duster. All the items are made from wooden handles and great for pretend-play. It looks really nice and your baby can help you in cleaning. As we know, cleaning requires so much physical effort so it keeps your growing kiddo healthy. Use Mamas and Papas discount Qatar from enjoy handsome discount on its purchasing.

Fisher-Price Smart Chair:

When you sit on this chair, it makes beautiful sound which forces little ones to do on repeat. Its like a sit and stand activity which is really beneficial for you kiddo. It is a wonderful chair for indoor play. It needs 3AA batteries. It also has some colorful lights which looks really whimsical. It comes with more than 50 sounds and songs. These things are based on shapes, colors, numbers etc.

Happy Hopperz:

This bounce-on toy in the shape of cow is really cute and amazing. It is great for all ages from 6 months to 8 years. It comes in other shapes like dragon, horse, moose, and much more. This inflatable toy is great for bouncing all day. Exploit Mamas and Papas discount Qatar from and catch massive reduction on all toys.

By Anurag Rathod

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