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We cannot deny that the Corona virus pandemic has been the primary force behind driving the online shopping trend. Of course, people were using online solutions to purchase a wide range of products before, but not for everything.

Given the impact of the pandemic, today, we see people buy products online, even the unusual ones like prescribed eyewear products. Although we have vaccines, the virus is still active in most parts of the world. So, the fear of getting infected with the virus has compelled customers to pick online stores over brick-and-mortar shops.

The rise in demand for online eyewear stores has made various businesses invest in this sector. Plus, people with existing offline stores have turned online. In simple words, the number of optical e-stores is increasing significantly.

If you are considering starting your digital eyewear store, you have to work hard to enhance the visibility of your eyewear store. It is because several others are doing it.

WordPress is the most preferred platform for developers and businesses to build dynamic e-stores. It is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers numerous themes, templates, features, and plugins like the WordPress contact lenses prescription form. Well, this plugin is designed to use with WooCommerce.

With the implementation of eyewear prescription form in your optical e-store, you can avail numerous benefits. WooCommerce contact lens prescription pluginhelps you build your digital eyewear store faster and with ease. Apart from this, it adds value to your store with its various capabilities and features.

You have a feature-rich and robust e-commerce site for your optical business. The next step is how to ensure a successful sale of your first 100 eyewear products. Let us dive into a guide to sell your eyewear products.

  • Selling your first 100 eyewear products – A complete guide

To ensure the successful selling of your eyewear products, you have to go through the four phases given below:

  • Pre-promotion phase – Before you begin your eyewear product promotions, you need to do some market research for laying a solid marketing plan. Often, a lack of planning leads to more efforts with minimal return. In this pre-promotion phase, you have to undergo three types of analysis, namely:
  • Competitive analysis – To learn what your competitors offer and do in the marketplace. For this, you have to create a list of your top competitors and understand their techniques.
  • Customer analysis – With customer analysis, you get to know your customers’ needs and demands. Also, the type of eyeglasses trends they follow the most.
  • Industry analysis – You also need to do industry research to discover the trending eyewear products and topics.
  • Submission of your eyewear products to the online marketplace – Once you know your competitors, industry, and what your customers want, it is time to submit your eyewear products online. To do so, you can follow the steps given:
  • Make your product sale-ready – You have to check whether your products are sale-worthy or not. Make sure your products are accessible and meet your potential customers’ needs.
  • Use attractive, high-resolution images – Please remember, countless eyewear stores out there are offering the same products. So, to make your prescribed eyewear products stand out from your competitors use beautiful, high-quality images.
  • Build a demo site – It is crucial to understand how your products will work once available on the digital marketplace. Therefore, it is advisable to create a demo site, which allows your customers to see the look and feel of your products.
  • Write descriptions for your products – Write catchy, crisp, and clear explanations for your optical products. You can always hire a professional copywriter for this task for you.
  • Create a product video – While it is not mandatory to create a video for your products, it can boost your sales remarkably. Make sure your video does not exceed 90 seconds.
  • Complete your user profile – If you want your potential customers to show interest in your eyewear products, do not forget to fill in your user profile. A complete user profile helps you create more trust and credibility.
  • Upload your products – Now is the right time to upload your products. Keep in mind that some items may get rejected.
  • Promotion phase – In the pre-promotion period, you have done your research, which means you know your target audience and their needs and demands. Let us get involved in a marketing strategy to promote your products to the right people. By following these marketing techniques, you will be able to sell your 100 eyewear products, such as:
  • Organic promotion
    • Paid Google advertising
    • Sponsored posts
    • Promotional banners
    • Video marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Teaming up with influencers
    • Active participation in communities and groups
  • Post-promotion phase – You know which marketing strategies will help you reach your goals. The next step is preparing for the post-promotion phase. In this, you will discover how your customers engage with your products. If your marketing strategy does not work as effectively as you thought, you can make changes accordingly.

Additionally, it will help you grow and develop further. The following are the steps you may take after promoting your eyewear products.

  • Keep your products and pages updated – If you have started to get sales and feedback from your customers, it is vital to update your products and pages.
  • Go through the feedback – You can expect both negative and positive feedback from your customers. Regardless of what type of feedback you get, make sure you read it carefully and act proactively.
  • On-point customer support – The support you offer plays an integral role in retaining your customers. So, respond to customer enquiries and complaints promptly.

In closing

Hopefully, this guide on successfully selling your first 100 optical products is helpful to you. We believe you are ready to hit the digital marketplace with your unique and excellent prescribed eyewear products. A pro tip to ensure the success of your online eyewear store is implementing the necessary plugins, like the WooCommerce contact lens prescription plugin, and hiring an experienced WordPress development company.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.