birthday party ideas

Your kid’s birthday is coming up and you are tense about the party.

A kid’s birthday party is really simple to keep but the trash they do is hard to clean after the party.

You need a lot of games and things to keep the party fun and alive.

You have to create the best birthday party for your kid as he/she will grow up and they should have those memories with them forever.

We have made a list of the top 10 best party ideas for your kid’s birthday.

Glow in the dark party

One of the best themes that kids enjoy a lot.

You can stick flow stickers in your living room and you can also order a cake in neon color which will also glow in the dark.

This party will be more fun if you got paints in neon colors or props in neon that will glow in the dark.

Kids will enjoy this party and your kid will always remember it.

Mud run party

You can organize a party in the muddy park or garden.

You can keep games and prizes, also built some obstacles or races for them to have a fun party.

At the end of the party, a lukewarm water shower can be organized for all the kids to clean.

Cut a cake and also keep snacks after all the fun to end the party.

Surprise for Little Monsters

This party is more than just cake and balloons.

The surprise includes Birthday Cake, Wish Board, Balloons, Chocolate Box, Cartoon Themed Customized Mug, Cartoon Themed Frame, Photographer, T-shirt – Cartoons, and You, Mesmerizing Surprise By Our Team, and Photo Booth Props for the kids.

This party will be loved by all the kids and your kid will remember it. 

Rock and Roll Musical party

The musical party will be a lot of fun and all the kids will enjoy it.

You can keep games like musical chairs or musical statues or pass the cushion.

These games will add a lot of fun and the winner can also get a gift.

You can also keep the cake theme as a musical instrument.

Your kid will love this party and remember it for a lifetime.

Ultimate Kiddie Joy

If your kid is bored with the regular parties, then give him this surprise that he/she will never forget.

The surprise includes Special Birthday Cake(1kg), Wish Board, Helium Balloons & A Foil Balloon, Surprise Chocolate Egg With Gift, Cartoon Themed Customized Mug, Toy, Professional Photographer, T-shirt – Cartoons and You, Surprise Gift, Cupcakes, Photo Booth, Props, Frame With Pictures, Pikachu, Crackers, Junk Basket, Sky Lantern, Doughnuts , Video Message, and Unique Surprise By Our Team. 

A fancy dress party

Kids love to dress up at parties.

Keep a theme that they can dress up as any cartoon, animal, or whoever they want to.

The winner will get a surprise prize.

Keep their favorite snacks also keep the cake theme your kid’s favorite cartoon.

End the party by giving return gifts to the kids

A magic/puppet show

Keep a normal party in your living room with some snacks, cake, and drinks.

Include a puppet or magical show according to the kid’s choice.

The show will have so many fun and tricks and kids will enjoy it to their fullest.

Kids will love this show and enjoy the party and go home with a smile on their faces.

You can also keep a nice return gift according to the theme of the birthday.

Magical Kids Surprise

This party is a unique party for all the kids out there.

Delicious Cake, Wish Board, Helium Colourful Balloons, Handmade Chocolates, Cartoon Themed Customized Mug, Toy, Photographer, T-shirt – Cartoons and You, Surprise Gift, Pikachu, Unique Surprise By Our Team, Photo Booth Props, and Music are included in this surprise.

This surprise will be the best and will be remembered by your kid for a lifetime in his/her memories. 

Camping party

This camping party can start in the evening after 7 pm and can be till 11 pm.

You can hold this party in your backyard or a good park.

You can keep barbeque where the kids can enjoy marsh mellows or food.

You can cut the cake near the small fire.

You can later make hot chocolate for all the kids if it gets cold.

This camping party is a unique and fun way to spend your time with friends.

Carnival Party

You can build small stations in your backyard like popcorn or tattoo station for kids.

You can give each kid some tickets for free at the entry.

They can use these tickets to buy things or playthings at the station.

Later on, your kid can cut the cake in the middle of the lawn.

You can give other kids a return gift and this will be the best birthday party ever.

By Anurag Rathod

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