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Launching a business in this modern age is full of opportunities and challenges. There are too many options and facilities that create opportunities for success. On the other hand, there is too much competition in the market that gives rise to challenges of survival and outshining the competitors. Launching the website of your startup is an opportunity and challenge in itself.

It is an opportunity in terms that more and more users can become aware of your startup and give it a try. On the other hand, it is a challenge in terms that the users will not come to your website out of the blue. You have to make an effort and ensure that your site is prominent for them to explore it. This is the point where technical SEO comes to the rescue of startup businesses and their websites.

Dig deeper into this article to explore the technical SEO checklist that the startups should swear by to get more user traffic as well as recognition.

Top 7 Point Technical SEO Checklist for Startups

Technical SEO ensures that a website meets all the technical requirements of the search engine, which can improve its organic traffic and ranking. A higher ranking is important to ensure that more users click on the website to get the answer to their queries, which will give a boost to the popularity of the business too.

Here are some of the major points that should be included in the technical SEO checklist for the startups.

Work on Your Website Structure

The very first technical SEO checkpoint startups need to follow is working on their website structure. A logical and smooth website structure is more than necessary to help the users navigate through the site without any difficulty. The startup business often has too much on their plate that they hire SEO services company in Dubai and ensure that their website meets all the SEO requirements, which boosts user traffic.

Ensure Site Crawlability

The search engine can only include your website in the result of a search query when it knows that your website has the most relevant content. The search engine can know that your site has relevant content when it is able to crawl through your site. So, another important technical SEO checkpoint is ensuring smooth site crawlability to ensure your site appears in the top results of a query.

Ensure Use of HTTPS

HTTPS ensures better site security as well as the security of user information. So, the websites using HTTPS often rank higher on the search engine than the ones using HTTP because of strengthened site security. The startups should not use HTTP but opt for HTTPS from the get-go to enjoy higher rankings.

Optimize Site Loading Speed

One of the major and most critical technical SEO checkpoints that startups should essentially follow is improving the site loading speed. This is the major point that not only impacts the ranking but gives rise to bounce rate too. So, you should never compromise on poor site speed and ensure that it loads within few seconds to keep the users interested and engaged.

Ensure Mobile Friendliness

Not many people now use desktops or laptops just to explore a website, until and unless it is a part of their work. Suppose you have launched a vet business and website. There are more chances that people who have a sick pet will grab their mobile and search for a nearby vet clinic. Your website must be mobile-friendly, so the users can explore it easily and connect with you in time of need.

Remove Duplicate Content 

Another critical technical SEO checkpoint that the startups, as well as other websites, must follow is removing the supplicate content. The duplicate content on your website can negatively impact user traffic and search rankings. It communicates the message that the site is not updated. So, you should never commit the mistake of duplicating your content to show that your site is updated.

Pay Attention to Internal Link Optimization

The last checkpoint of technical SEO that the startups should swear by is paying attention to internal link optimization. Internal linking can significantly improve user experience and accessibility, thus motivating the users to explore site in depth. However, internal link optimization requires professional skill and expertise, which you might lack. Instead of making mistakes, it is better to consult an expert to manage your SEO and help you achieve the goal of better ranking.

Follow the technical SEO checklist and enjoy higher rankings!

Now that you have explored the technical SEO checklist, you know how you can improve the ranking of your website. However, if you are not an SEO professional, you might earn a loss instead of a benefit. Contact the professionals and let them take charge of your search engine optimization and reap the benefits.

By Anurag Rathod

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