Top 10 Corrugated Box and Packaging Design Trends of 2021

In 2021, corrugated boxes and packaging will be designed with a focus on sustainability. The materials that are used for these products will be manufactured from recycled or renewable resources. Digital printing is the new trend in packaging design because it can create custom designs at a low cost. People also want their corrugated boxes to be eco-friendly so they can feel good about their purchase when they recycle them later down the road! 

In this article, I am writing about the Top 10 Corrugated Box and Packaging Design Trends of 2021. These trends are all ones that will be majorly influencing how corrugated boxes and packaging will look in the future. This article breaks down these trends into a few different categories, including sustainability, design, and materials. 

Product packaging is an essential method for spreading your brand, and in 2021 it’s more essential than ever. We are here to provide some tips on what trends you should be considering for product package design this year: 

1. Ultra-Simplistic Designs and Geometry 

Simple geometrical ideas are quickly becoming a popular packaging trend. These concepts are used to create expressive colors, clean lines, sharp angles on products that represent what the customer will find inside. As this design becomes more mainstream, customers can expect their product packages to be distinctive from other companies with similar items in stores by using these techniques. 

The corrugated material is usually white, which leaves the designer to strategically use colors and textures in order for their product to stand out. It’s important to be creative with this design element because it can make or break an entire package. When using a font on your packaging, try not to do too much because that will distract from what you’re trying to communicate about the product’s contents within. 

2. Front and Center Product or Brand Names 

Package design trends in 2021 are more innovative than ever before, as brands and businesses continue to strike a balance between creativity and clarity. When looking at the design of this product, it is easy to see that typography is very important. With a lot less clutter and eye-catching font color, there are many ways for consumers to find out more about your brand with just one glance. 

When someone sees packaging like this, they have a better idea of how the product really is and how you can use them. If you’re in business products or want increased awareness on behalf of your company, then consider adopting these trends; strong typographical designs can carry all aesthetic elements needed by brands, while any other features serve merely as helpful tools. 

3. Color Blocking 

Color blocking is making a comeback in the packaging industry. With more distinctive colors, textures, and variations than before, it makes for an eye-catching design that feels organic and real. Consider adopting these trends; strong typographical designs can carry all aesthetic elements needed by brands while any other features serve merely as helpful tools. 

4. Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Boxes 

The demand for eco-friendly packaging has grown in recent years as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on our environment. Some reports suggest that 3/4 of consumers agree to pay more for sustainable products, which is good news because their demands have caught the attention of designers and manufacturers who now offer a wide selection of options aimed at satisfying these needs. 

Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging are not mutually exclusive. Recycled materials such as recycled paperboard or post-consumer fiberglass also make for great choices since the end customer already disposes of these materials – it just makes sense to use them again! In fact, many designers have found that they can be used in conjunction to create even more sustainable designs than either could on its own.  

5. Flat Graphics 

The use of pictures and icons rather than text on packaging is becoming more common. These illustrations are easier to understand, particularly when the product sits among many others in a retail store environment where time constraints may prevent consumers from reading lengthy descriptions. 

Several brands have started using these simple images that tell their story quickly with color blocks instead of detailed explanations written out in words. 

6. Packaging should be Sustainable 

Sustainability is a new trend that’s been picking up in recent years, and many companies are taking steps to reduce their footprint and make conscientious design choices. One popular way of doing so is “rightsizing;” this means decreasing the size of your package while also reducing waste from paper-fill material. The benefits don’t stop there, though! Another benefit for the right sizers is lower shipping costs because they can fit more products into one shipment than before! 

7. Fine quality Packaging Materials 

Nowadays, almost every socially conscious company is using porous packaging to lower the risk for viral transmission. Studies have shown SARS-CoV-2 can live on cardboard and plastics, but it has difficulty surviving on porous surfaces like paper or fabric. This means that your favorite locally grown banana will stay fresher longer because of its superior package design! 

8. Encouraging Copy 

A well-designed package echoes with the average person. These days, people are often stressed because of the pandemic. In order to be more relevant and put their customers at ease in these tough times, many businesses have been changing what they say on packaging for a better message about them as a brand. 

In a world of uncertainty, customers are looking for security. Businesses know that the key to customer loyalty is providing solutions and inducing calmness in their consumers. The trend towards marketing with reassurance and positivity can be seen through logo design where creators use softer colors instead of harsh black or white tones- it’s all about feeling safe! 

9. Typography should be Clear 

It’s easy to see the confusion on people’s faces when they are trying to find an item in a store. If you want your business’ logo immediately recognizable, use clear typography with complementary color palettes and bold colors that catch attention from afar. Avoid using hard-to-read fonts so customers can easily identify what is being advertised before getting close enough for further inspection. 

10. Package Labeling should be Clear 

For loyal shoppers in 2020, it was often hard to find their favorite brands. Brand loyalty is disappearing while awareness dwindles as well. In an era of scarce products where people don’t want to spend more than they need to on a product that isn’t available anyway, the first thing many customers notices are new brands for themselves instead of traditional ones from trusted companies.  

Why these packaging trends is important for a business to know? 

The first impression is the most important. Whether customers are aware of these trends in packaging or not, there’s a good chance that a product incorporating current trends will leave them with a great impression and get more people interested in your products. And we all know what makes for an impressive package – when it stands out from competitors by being fresh, aesthetically pleasing to the customer’s eye without ever feeling overly done-up on its own.  


We have compiled a list of the top 10 corrugated box and packaging design trends for 2021. In order to stay on-trend, you’ll want to ensure that your designs are up-to-date with these predictions. One way to do so is by visiting Stampa Prints for all your custom printing needs – from signs and banners to party invitations or menus! With their help, we can make sure your business stays ahead of the curve in terms of marketing materials.